Somebody’s Watching Me

33 Comments on “Somebody’s Watching Me

  1. We have the same thing happen at our house. Although I’ve never heard a Michael Jackson sound track 🙂 Now I will every time I make something to eat.


  2. Did you ever notice how good their hearing is??? Ours know the sound of the ice cream box coming out of the freezer. And yet, Phantom can disappear in a flash when he knows it it time for flea and tick treatment. Any counter surfers there?

    woos, the OP Pack


  3. What?! They’re just doing their job making sure your floor is clean in case you drop something. I know the sound of plastic baggies opening…treats usually come out of them so I come running!


  4. Our kitty, Ali Z, lusts after yogurt. She can be upstairs, and when my Mom opens a yogurt container, she is down in a flash! Is it her ears or nose? We don’t know.



  5. Haha! My mom got a good laugh at that too! She has been cooking all morning and Clover and Cosmo have been picking up all kinds of goodies off the floor. One time, a piece of potato jumped out of the bowl right into their mouths! (at least that’s what SHE says.)


  6. We furries must watch and make sure there is nothing dropped on the floor! It is our job to take care of our hoomans!!!

    Mya Boo Boo


  7. Ha ha Dennis we do exactly the same thing. If you stare long enough they usually give in…well mum does anyway!!

    Scott xx


  8. okay ive watched that video two hundred seventeen times now, how long is it going to take to finish making that sandwich? the suspense is killing me…


  9. Momma watched that one twice. We do that too and it makes her grouchy. We also stalk her sometimes like today when we didn’t get any action due to the rain.



  10. hahahahaha, ALL FREEEEEEZE!

    nice meeting all of you! i’m boo, the casanova. 😀

    wet wet licks



  11. It just makes you want to give them some of that turkey…….but do not turn your back because it will be gone…………in a flash!!!!


  12. All it takes is a little rattling around in the kitchen and the little eyes and paws seem to come from out of nowhere to see what you’re up to☺


  13. everyone is very patient waiting – I too am patient while mom fixes my dinner!
    Not a clue where they came up with 100,000 population – it makes no difference to mom and me – we go where we please – when we please! The law never stopped us before there was a law…and small towns won’t stop us now!!!! Dennis – I’d like to see you shopping at Target! Could you fit in the basket?


  14. Ha Ha Ha Brilliant choice of music. They just stare on undeterred, even the music didn’t distract them
    Tes I know the music was added later, I was just joking


  15. Hulo Dennis, Trixie & Tucker, yoo are very wyz to keep wotching becorz yoo neva no wen a morsel will forl to the flor, speshaly if yoo hav a messy Daddy lyk mine. I got sgetty bolonayz bits off the flor toonyt fanks to Daddy missing his mouf a fyoo tyms


  16. aren’t they precious… mine have been to the same school of ‘looking woeful in order to get treats’…


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