hoo is denise?!?!?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may or may not no i offen intersept dadas mayl luking for enny valyoobal offers for free treets or dog fud wot he may not hav seen wel this week i intersepted a letter frum a vet wot i went to wunse upon a time and wel yoo can imadjin my serprize wen i saw this:


denise??!?!?  wot hav theez guyz got pland for me???  wot is there ideea of a compleat fizzical eksam???

aiiieeee!!!!! isnt it bad enuf wot they did to me at that other vetnameez playse wen i thawt i wuz gitting noodels now they want to finish the job???  wel i can ashoor yoo that this is wun letter that dada wil never see!!!  ok bye

33 thoughts on “hoo is denise?!?!?

  1. Dannis, Momma is rolling down laughing at that one! or shall we call you Denise from now on? Ummm, good luck at the vet…….
    -Kira The BeaWootiful


  2. Funny nice try dressing up my guess some how some way you’ll be seeing the vet. It’s just my hunch. Now that these pictures are on the net it could spell trouble for you some time down the road!


  3. Take Joe’s advice and burn it, fast!
    Or maybe just write on the letter that “Denise is no longer with us” and send it back to that vet. Then they will remove you from their mail list.

    In the meantime, Give Us a Kiss?



  4. Hey Dennis don’t you know its Fourth of July not Halloween? You are TOO funny – be careful them seven vets don’t gang up and give you a hysterical-ectomy!


  5. Too funny! But your pictures scared our Fur Kids away … they never seen anything quite so terrifying.


    LIcks and wags

    THe Dog WOods Pack

    Pee Ess: THe Chief liked the Mark Twain quote you left on our latest entry. She couldn’t help agree 110%!


  6. ummm. don’t know what to tell you. but whatevah u do..stay away from your car on July 6th! if they get your name wrong, just think what else could happen (i see you already figured it out:) )



  7. Can you say, “freak show?” I could compare that pic to Michael Jackson but his skin was lighter and his hair darker. His nose was also much smaller. Even with all that, in comparison, you look fantastic!


  8. Fergit the v-e-t I wuld be more worryed bout this Denise karakter. Is yer Daddy bringing home anuther dawg?!? AIEEE!!!

    Yer pal Dozer


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