satterday in the park i think it wuz the forth of jooly!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so for the forth of jooly we reeternd to owr old hawnt the top seekret dog park chek it owt!!!

as yoo can see their ar menny fine things to see and smel at the top seekret for instanse this trash can i am not shoor wot that big sine sez but i think it is sumthing like welkum dogs run arownd and hav fun!!!!

trixie and me had a contest to see hoo cud do a better job marking that we own the top seekret dog park as yoo can see i wuz the kleer viktor:

sorry trixie better luk nekst time!!! meenwile tucker had a fine time running arownd in sirkels almost like his old self eksept that now he only duz it in bersts of abowt thirty sekunds insted of running nonstop for like twenty minnits as i am told he yoozd to

the pawz that refreshes!!!! hay wot is this sum sort of tap water??? ware is the evian?!

of korse it is not just running arownd and arownd and arownd at the dog park sumtimes we sits and thinks a bit or at leest we sits:

dada is trying to hide frum the sun under his hat gud luk with that dada

in kayse yoo wunder wot i wuz thinking abowt i wuz wundring if the tennis bal of deth monster is stil in the water or not it didnt git the weimaraner that yoo see in the bakgrownd but maybe the weimaraner just got lukky

ok enuf sitting bak to running arownd!!!

woops i seem to hav wunse agin tayken owt tucker aksidently on purpus!!! lets go to the freeze frayms to get a luk at my tekneek!!!

abort!!! abort!!! abort!!!
kaptin we hav sustaynd a dennis torpedo impakt to the bridj!!!
too bad owr kollers dont come with airbags
oh sorry did i send yoo flying like three feet??? oops my bad
“I’m telling Mom!”

i hav no ideea why tucker wood say to the dog wisperer that i jump on him wen i kwite kleerly crash into him mutch more offen than i jump on him!!! tucker yoo ar such a teller of porky pies!!!! ha ha ok bye

28 thoughts on “satterday in the park i think it wuz the forth of jooly!!!

  1. So Dennis, where exactly is this top secret dog park????

    Dennis says: hello pink daisy hay i cannot tel becuz its a seekret!!! i had to eet flat tony to keep him frum lerning the lokayshun!!!! ok bye


  2. You know that Tucker would take off after you if he wasn’t so old and getting decrepit. However, Dennis, you should also know there is little honor in besting a guy that is much older than you!



  3. Oh hi Dennis – great dog park, you three obviously had a GREAT time. We marched our humans STRAIGHT over to this post to see the photos of you ‘taking out’ Tucker as we do that to each other A LOT and often crash into our humans legs as a result. They thought we were weird but we always knew we were perfectly normal! By the way – LOVE your idea about being covered in slies of water melon, although our humans seem strangely reluctant to give it a go…. Tail wags – JD and Max.


  4. hehe you guys always haves so much fun there!! Dennis I thinks you should give the old ma Tucker a little space! Not everybody is as young and tough as wes! 😉


  5. Dennis
    What a cool secwet pawk..did you go in the watew too?
    I think youwe innocent, and luckily you have the tape to pwove it, if it comes down to an ugly twial
    smoochie kisses


  6. Dennis,
    Momma wants to know what kind of camera you use and if you use the same one to take moving and still photos. Please tell her so that she can start taking movies that don’t look like they are under water.

    Nice action shots of you and Tucker. The freeze frame really shows your technique.



  7. Wow – what a cool place! No wonder you want to keep it a secret, Dennis!

    Hah – I liked the clip of you guys marking…I don’t go in for that marking stuff but a lot of my boy doggie friends sure get obsessed about it!

    Honey the Great Dane


  8. Hey Dennis it sure looks like y’all had fun at the secret dog park. I think the one we have around here is super-secret cause we can’t find it! Just one thing we don’t understand – why didn’t you get in the water? To us there aint hardly nothing more fun than swimming.

    Happy Independence Day
    Jake and Maggie


  9. how fun.. I love trash cans.. did they smell goods???
    Bell wants to meet Dennis… (he might like her a lots though – she’s been really attracting the males lately.. ) LOL.. SHE’S GETTING GOOD AT TELLIN’ EM TO BACK OFF TOO LOL…



  10. Well that wuz all fine and good and all but where wuz the tennis balls?!? You know wut they say ‘It aint a party without sum balls!’

    Yer pal Dozer


  11. What a great dog park. I love running around all crazy too!
    Auntie Penny says I crash into her all the time and am so annoying so she on Tucker’s side. They such liars these old dogs!
    ~lickies, Ludo


  12. I would think it was the fourth of July but I didn’t see a man selling Ice Cream. That looks like a super nice park for sure. Sorry you had to drink crappy tap water, that is all we get too. Tucker needs to learn to either get out of the way or deploy some sort of shield.


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