The Battle of the Hallway


(Woofie Wrestling Federation)


Dennis vs. Tucker vs. Trixie

In an epic fight for control of the hallway!

41 Comments on “The Battle of the Hallway

  1. Tucker gets points for the growling but Trixie is the clear Hallway Czar!


    • Since one cannot delete or edit comments on other dogs blogs, I must say I meant DENNIS gets points for the growling and barking but Trixie seems the clear “winner” Czar-type dog because of the calmness and level headedness of her reactions to his attempt at hallway domination. (or similar drivel. It’s Monday morning and I’m having trouble with thought expression.)


  2. THAT VIDEO WAS AWESOME!!! We had sooo much fun @ Fiesta Island. Dennis you live in San Diego? You should have come to play wiff’s me.. Mama said next time you’ll have to come play wiff’s me.. so you better listen to my mama’s.. BOL.. I would have so much fun chasing you I just know it!

    Bell & Kimberly


  3. Hallways are important areas to have control of in those situations where one needs to move around freely and with no restrictions! Nice going Dennie!


  4. We enjoyed the video – sure is fun at your house! Those tiles are like our wood – can be slippy on the paws!
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  5. Nice moves! Where are the crazy costumes though?? You can’ be in the WWF with out some great names and costumes now!


  6. And the winner is… um… hmmm…

    And wut exaktly is the prize? Last I checked you cant eat or throw a hallway…

    Yer pal Dozer


  7. Hey Dennis! I cannots believe you likes to run on the tiles! That is crazies!!!!!! Tiles are evils.

    ANyways, looks like you have some real fancy moves, I am impresseds!

    -Team Celeste!!!!1


  8. hahah Dennis, my momma thinks that your momma and dadda must always be smiling and laughing with you all around!
    she always does when she sees your adventures, you hallway monitor you! 🙂


  9. Hahahahaha….
    Dennis you RUN RUN RUN
    in the house,
    You are lucky to have such a big house
    Run and have fun ………
    I loved the video 🙂


  10. It sure looks like a lot of slip sliding away there and mucho fun!!! Someone needs to close some of those doors so the pups can use them as bumpers for turns:)

    Woos, the OP Pack


  11. Dennis,
    If you are going to do that you need to use the walls a little better. I have found that if you corner properly you can bounce off the walls and not worry so much about slipping.



  12. Ah, the epic struggle to be the procurator of that one great thing that all canine companions fight to control, the hallway. A struggle that has been ongoing since the dawn of, well, hallways. Dennis, you have one this round, but will you hold your claim, cue creepy evil laugh, HaHaHaHaHaHaHa.


  13. You shore doez hav a nice mama and dada who letz yoo goof around like that in the howse. My mummy sez that running is fer outsides and dawgs are not allowed to run in the howse, but after my peeples gives me a bath, there is no stopping me.


  14. Yeah man, secure the fridge! Forget the hallway. Then again, if the hallway leads to the fridge then way go Dennis!!

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack


  15. Dennis you clearly wonned that, although Trixie was a close second!! xx


  16. Too funny….the tile floors make it all the more interesting! Zoe wipes out just chasing herself around about once a week!


  17. For a moment there I thought Trixie was gunna get the upper hand but Dennis you came out supreme victor


  18. Oh now I’m wondering what your ‘four paws’ would do if they could go round and round a hallway that connected all the living spaces. Oh how the strategies multiply for more ambushing and switchback manuevers. I confess to engaging in this activity with two small ‘two leggeds’ and two large ‘four paws’ and one very pissed off unwilling felline forced into action–in a way small house where the route went round a center wall….ahhh luckily there were no cameras…


  19. That needed to come with a wild Vizsla alert! Loved those flappy ears halfway through – what a familiar sound from a Vizsla.

    Dennis – I was looking for the post that showed you guys playing with Dada in the backyard, then Mom went in the house and the three of you promptly turned around and followed her in, leaving Dada all by himself. Could you send me the link to that? I saw it on your Facebook page the other day and thought it would be here somewhere.



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