31 thoughts on “Christmas In July?

  1. Oh no. That doesn’t look good…!

    Dennis, please could yoos tells your sekretary dada to eeemail my mummy with your address again, she be so stoopid she losted it when her silly eeemail losted all her eeemails! We has gotted your prizes to sends out in the post.
    Luv Scotty xx


  2. Hi Dennis – wow you live kinda sorta close mom says. What Saturday will you be @ Fiesta Island?? Mama said we could go to meet you, if you wants to meet me? We have only met 1 blogger buddy and to meet the pupular DENNIS THE VIZSLA would be dogtastic. Gimme Paw.. WOOF!
    Evfurry one thinks I’m a Vizsla but mama tells them no no no she’s a weimy. How old is you’s Dennis.. I’m 10 months old and looooooooooves to play and play.. I still have puppy leggys so I falls down sometimes but I’ll get up and show teefs to show that you cant keep me down.. Mama says I’m a silly girl.. Hope we can sniffs butts soon..

    Bell girl


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