Wordless Wednesday: Freeze Frame

43 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Freeze Frame

  1. haha your ears look like handles on a milk jug!! :))
    But we always see such a pleading in your eyes.. evens the little wrinkles in the middle… I bet you get your own way lots and lots hehe Way to go!! :))


  2. Tucker! Looks like you used curlers on your ears. Thats not very manly!


  3. What a great catch! Tucker’s ears do look a little curly…..
    Dennis, don’t give him a hard time about that!


  4. Wow, how did you get stuck like that. I hope you are ok now.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


  5. He looks like he’s about to take to the sky & fly.

    Faster than a speeding gopher
    More powerful than a smelly dog fart
    Able to leap small kennels in a single bound
    Look u in the sky
    Is it a bird?
    Is it a plane?
    No it’s Super Tucker!!! TMBTDVD


  6. Did you get a perm on your ears? I know the 80s look is in right now. You just need a Dennis says relax shirt and your all set.


  7. “I believe I can fly… I believe I can touch the sky…” Sure wish I knew the rest of the song. Cause now those two lines are going over and over in my head.


  8. Hay Tucker TMBTDVD, I had a luk at the Dokta Fosta web syt that Lucia sed abowt & it is a very hansum foto of yoo wen yoo wer yunga in a doggy jumpa


  9. wy do my koments hav to awayt moderayshun & Daddy’s koments get powsted strayt away. Is this an owtrayjus Poodle discriminayshun blog???


  10. Hehe, you are a very distinguished Vizsla Tucker! Or is that you Dennis? We’ve been gone so long maybe you went grey already!
    Still not back properly but thought we better start catching up with our visits….I see you still have Rambo in your sidebar, cool!
    Slobbers xx


  11. thanks for visiting our blog; we used to live in Oceanside years ago; now we’re up in the Temecula area 🙂

    hoping we get some more rain this year, but you never knew in So. Calif.

    this is a great picture of the dog! you captured it very well, at just the right moment!! definitely easier to take his picture than a corgi’s, LOL

    enjoy the day


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