Separated At Birth?

26 Comments on “Separated At Birth?

  1. Looks like you are going to have to pull together alll of your resources to foil these two baddies!

    Good luck, Dennis, Tucker and Trixie!


  2. Uh-oh. Now that Trouble has company, you could have, well, Double Trouble! heehee. (Sorry, that was bad, I know!)

    Good luck against The Forces of Evil

    *kissey face*


  3. Tha icky yellow guy gives me the cweeps..I don’t think twouble is neawly as bad
    smoochie kisses


  4. That yellow man looks a little scary …. LOL
    I love the cartoon,^__^
    Its GREAT 🙂
    It makes my mommy smile 🙂


  5. Those two are just evil…and to blame fur evfurrything wrong with your khanine universe!



  6. Hey Dennis, thanks for the birthday wishes. And don’t feel bad about having to accept ‘Back to the Future’ as an old movie. Mom didn’t think it was old, either, until Dad pointed out that DeLoreans were only made 1982-1982, and after they discussed which class the car would race in in their car racing (yes, they are crazy…. and discovered that the car can’t be classed because there weren’t enough of them made), they went on Eye Emm Dee Bee and discovered that Back to the Future is almost 25 years old. At what point Mom bemoaned her lost childhood and Dad (not unkindly) pointed out that she was No Longer A Spring Chicken. Which made Mom throw a stuffie (MY STUFFIE, I might add) at Dad and then go get them both dishes of ice cream (none for me, I might add… Mom said something about ‘waiting’…). I think my parents are crazy. Do you have room at your house?

    *kissey face*


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