pins and needels

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel sevral times i hav ben abandond and left home in the krate wile tucker goze owt and seez a speshul kind of vetnameez persun he is a whole-istic vet hoo performs akyoopunktchoor i am not shoor wot whole-istic or akyoopunktchoor is but tucker always comes bak frum this vetnameez persun feeling gud and with a spring in his step verry strayndj!!!  so to find owt wot goze on at this speshal vetnameez playse i hav attachd a hidden camra to mama lets tayk a luk:

first we see the owtside of the vetnameez playse:

hay that duz not luk like enny of the vetnameez playses wot i go to!!!! that luks like sum sort of spa!!! see i noo tucker wuz gitting to go better playses then me!!! ok dennis kom down maybe its just nice on the owtside and on the inside it is a howse of horrors lets go to the nekst pikcher and see

hay wow thats nice!!! that is nicer than owr howse!!! just luk the furnitcher is neetly arraynjd withowt damadjd upholstry and their is no fluff or torn up butter bokses skatterd arownd the floor!!! hay mama and dada why is owr howse sutch a mess compayrd to this place??? maybe we shud just moov in heer!!! ok lets luk at the nekst pikcher!!!

yeah yeah yeah their is tucker so wot lets moov on

this is the nicest most well appoynted most relaksing eksaminayshun rum i hav ever seen!!! mama has ben holding owt on me!!! now i am verry verry upset!!! i am going to have to go punish wun of my stuffies later to mayk myself feel better!!!  ha ha no i am just kidding i punish my stuffies for fun not becuz i am mad at mama ok lets moov on:

ok heer is tucker gitting eksamind and petted by the vetnameez persun tucker luks verry relaksd obviusly this vetnameez persun is verry gud at handling a dog even if he duz keep a skeletun on his shelf

now heer we hav … ummmm … hay tucker did yoo no yoo hav a buntch of needels stuck in yoo??? yikes!!! how did that happen??? ware wuz mama wile this wuz going on???

oh their she is hi mama ummmm hmmmm hay mama did yoo not notice that tucker wuz gitting needels and pins stuck in him???  wow i wil bet tucker was verry upset after this trawmattik surprize!!!  in fakt i wil bet he ran away and hid under wun of those luvly yummy sofas in that other pikcher rite???

ummm ok i gess it wuznt a verry trawmattik surprize at all altho i gess it mite hav been trawmattik for the nice lady with the treets if she got her fingers too close to tuckers mowth wile giving him goodeez ha ha tucker is a piranha!!!

ennyway tucker sez that the needels and pins dont hert at all and that he feels a lot better afterwards so hmmm maybe gitting stuck with needels isnt always a bad thing just as long as they ar not connekted to a sirindj ful of vakksine ha ha ok bye

37 thoughts on “pins and needels

  1. WoW! Tucker you are the most courageous dog I know to allow someone to stick pins and needles in you because you know I would never sit still long enough for them to do that to me because I know those little needles have to feel really weird but I’m really glad they make you feel better and that you don’t get the shakes any more because that was really kind of scary. Your friend Clover.

    Dude! Gnarly! Your friend, Cosmo


  2. Wow — doggie acupuncture! I used to do acupuncture for sleep problems/anxiety & it REALLY helped me — I get really wound up with my work and writing sometimes. Why does Tucker go? Does he have back problems?

    Dennis says: hello lizzybean hay yes tucker duz hav bak problems and also suffers frum uneksplaynd mussel spazms wot both akyoopunktcher and kiropraktik help to improov ok bye


  3. Looks like a very nice place, I like the entrance too nice colors inviting. Tucker was so polite, when she said plenty. Tucker Ok just checkin. LOL so cute. I’m so glad this helps. The Vet looks nice and gentle.


  4. Wow, Dennis, your pal Tucker is on the cutting edge of doggy treatment.
    I will think of this if I should have any symptoms like Tucker and lets hope I don’t.



  5. Wooo now we’re very impressed. They actually have acupuncture for dogs in your neck of the woods?! Gosh … our neck of the woods really have ALOOOOTTT of catching up to do!!

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack


  6. Wow, that’s a great place, does that man only work on animals or does he do bipeds too? Lucky Tucker – it must really make things feel better.

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack


  7. Perhaps, Dennis, if you are very good, you might get your mama and dada to take you for a therapeutic massage. You’d really like it, and it would make up for all the special treatment that Tucker is getting.


  8. Dennis- I have recently started reading your blog and I just love it! I live with 2 american eskmimos who are both 10 and have been doing rescue for years. My Bella has had those needles put in her back 3 times and it changed her from a girl who couldn’t hardly walk to a girl on the run again. I hope Tucker continues to have great health from his needles as well.


  9. I was ready to move in as well till I saw all those needles!! Yikes!! I could do with people throwing treats into my mouth though!


  10. Erm hmm ok now Tucker lissen if you sees a little watermellen sized critter that is brown or grey and has lotsa needles in its back jest walkin around in yer yard or on the street STAY AWAYS!! It is not a kiroprakter and wen it stiks you it will not feel good or throw treets at you I promiss.

    PS wut kind of treets did you get at that place!?! Cause they would have to be purty dang good fer me to get stiked with a needle!

    Yer pal Dozer


  11. It is a nice place, especially the lounge that’s not chewed
    I reckon Tucker pretended it did nott hurt because the skeleton on the shelf is the last dog that did complain. I had acupunture once & believe me it hurt like you wouldn’t believe. Michelle had it too & she said I was a big baby. The man doesn’t look Vietnamese. Maybe he’s a genetic throwback


  12. AAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!! Tucker has been ternd into a porkypyn by the veyetmaneez man. See how the veyetmaneez man is pooting a needool in the top of Tucker’s hed to destroy his personality & mayk him a zomby, AAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!! I am skaird of needools, I howp Daddy or Mummy neva tayk me to that torcher chaymba. The luvly dekotaytiv effekts ar to loor yoo into a fols sens of sekyoority befor they tern yoo into a zomby porkypyn. I wood bewair ov Tucker now Dennis. Orlways sleep wiv wun eye open & a wepon besyd yor bed from now on….


  13. Hai Dennis, does Tucker say if dem fings hurt or not? I wud be scairt a bit if it was me. Tucker do yoo get treats after?


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::aprings in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  14. I have never seen such a thing but I sure have heard of it. I never knew they did at fancy pants places like this?! I think I need to check this out. Do you think they could cure Tanner’s Doofusism by sticking needles in his brain??


  15. Mom has been talking about getting me some of that acupuncture business too. Does Tucker have arthritis and dysplasia and stuff? Does it really work? It looks pretty scary weird to me. I think you should be happy you get to stay home. Some things are just not worth treats. Actually, scratch that. Anything is worth a cookie. What was I thinking?



  16. Dennis, it’s called “accupuncture” because each puncture must be accurately placed. It’s called “hole-istic accupuncture” because of all the holes the (Vietnamese???) doctor makes.


  17. Dennis,
    I don’t know about getting stuck with those needles. You try it and let me know. What is Tucker dragging behind his leash in that movie?

    I think maybe if you go there just skip the whole needle thing and go right to the foodables.



  18. Dennis and Tucker. Sprocket goes and gets needles in him about every 2 weeks. He has been doin this for about a year now. he says it doesn’t hurt at all, but somehow I don’t believe him!


  19. Mom says the sheltie that lived here before me, her name was Clara, and I inherited many nice toys in her will, used to go get that done. It helped her move around better when she was old. I hope I can get that done too, if I ever need it.


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