Planet of the Kongleks

Having been more or less abducted by the mysterious Doctor, I have now traveled with him to the far-off Planet Petco, where I have been assured that we will receive a hero’s greeting, not to mention any number of free stuffies. But when we exit the TARDIS, our welcome is not as the Doctor predicted. Not in the slightest.

As soon as we step outside the Doctor’s spacecraft, we are confronted by a small army of bizarre, hostile, and heavily armed robots, obviously bent on our extermination.

It seems that we are doomed, but then the Doctor suddenly demonstrates a knack for quick thinking under pressure, and creates a diversion that gives us time to flee.

Their distraction is short-lived, but it gives us time to flee to the other side of the building, with the robots trundling along after us.

The Doctor and I manage to slip unnoticed to the entrance of the Petco Palace, only to find that the Kongleks have sabotaged the doors’ machinery so that we cannot open them. With only seconds before they spot us, the Doctor comes through again, producing a strange tool that, when aimed at the doors, miraculously causes them to open.

Once inside, I find a veritable wonderland of toys, treats, and stuffies, just as the Doctor promised. But the Kongleks have picked up our trail and are fanning out across the store to find us!

I quickly follow the Doctor’s voice to his hiding place in one of the doghouses. But is it really just a doghouse?

Yes, this doghouse seems very familiar … very familiar indeed … but I have no time to think about that now, the Kongleks are closing in. I quickly join the Doctor inside; and there we wait. Will the Kongleks find us? Will they give up the search? I have a bad feeling they will not; for I fear that they never give up.

But I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up, either.

24 thoughts on “Planet of the Kongleks

  1. Hi Dennis – what an exciting adventure! We’re never going to be able to look at our Kongs without suspicion from heron in….we never realised! Tail wags – JD and Max.


  2. Mum laughed and laughed about Harry!
    Poor konglek. That planet seem cool! I hopes you can defeat the kongs and live there!

    ~lickies, Ludo


  3. Looks like you are in for it this time, Dennis the Visla Dog! Perhaps you could send for Trouble the Cat who is even badder than the Kongleks, for some subversive methods of killing them off.
    She probably won’t help, but you could give it a try.



  4. Hi Dennis!
    You are one funny dog! I saw you on Sugar’s website & had to check out your blog. What adventures!! I am more of a PetSmart doggie myself, but happy to go wherever my mom wants to take me in the Frenchie-mobile! Come on over & visit sometime – we’ll make you laugh to!!


  5. hm the doctor is leading you down the wrong path again I fear.

    Oh by the way, Mom is reading that book your Dada wrote and one of the first to die in the book is named JOEY! I think she needs to stop reading it but she said its good and she wants to finish it. TRAITOR.


  6. I knew that you were in trouble the minute you got abducted by that weird celery-wearing guy! And I can’t believe that Planet Petco has been invaded!!!! Mom was talking about going, but I’ve Got To Warn Her!!! I don’t think she’s tough enough to handle the Kongleks – and I doubt that there is much more room in that dog house!

    *kissey face*
    Fiona (who is afeared for you, as always when you have these Adventures!)


  7. Dennie…you have been pretty busy with things going even more strange than normal! Keep the action….Keep it safe! Will be back to see what happens! *(*


  8. Goodness things are going from bad to worse, will you escape the kongleks, will you ever get back home to where it never rains, will they ever get Harry re-booted???


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