sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by the purple hatter!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel we hav not had a sunday awards and meem show for a wile on akkownt of i havnt gotten enny awards or ben tagd for enny meems in sevral weeks yoo no how it is the summer is a slow time for awards and meems i gess but now my awards drowt has ended thanks to the purple hatter!!! the purple hatters has given this award to evrywun on his blog roll and it is not just wun award oh no it is a hole boks ful of awards!!! chek it owt:


wow luk at all that loot!!!  we hav an eester iland award wot is probly given owt for deforestayshun and we hav an akademy award wot is given owt to the moovee wot mayks the leest munny in a yeer and we hav a big bucket of popkorn wot luks like it has lots of butter on it mmmmmm butter and then their is wot luks like a cheezburger and sumthing else wot luks like the sidnee opera howse and hoo nos wot else!!!  wow i am going to need to hire a mooving company to kerry all this stuf!!! hmmmm now then how shud i pass this award along hmmmmm i cant reely giv it to evrywun on my blogroll on akkownt of my blogroll is so hyoodj that the internets wood probly kollapse under the wayt of peepul downloading the pikcher but in keeping with how the purple hatter gave owt this award i am going to pass it on to evrywun wot comments on this weeks awards and meem show so that meens yoo and yoo and yoo!!! ummm eksept i am not passing along the popkorn award becuz i ate all the popkorn alreddy i didnt eet the salt and duds at the bottom but thats ok they didnt go to wayst tucker ate them ha ha ok bye

oh ps dont forgit the purple hatters viddyos and cartoons and jokes ar sumtimes intended for matchoor awdienses or at leest awdiences hoo ar of a sertin aydj!!! ok bye agin

22 thoughts on “sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by the purple hatter!!!

  1. Hmmm. How to unload this award … errr…. I mean, how to Award the Award, of course!

    You could sell it outright. Set up a paypal account and sell it for $5 to any and all;

    You could have a raffle. Set up a paypal account and sell raffle tickets and award it to one winner;

    You could send it to the Nigerian 419’ers and ask them to sell it for you; or,

    You could just play with all of those toys in the box and enjoy!

    Have a great weekend!!



    1. hello purple hatter hay all rite i wil do it!!!! i wil giv this award to evrywun!!!! however if ennywun wants to buy it insted of tayking it for free then maybe i shud set up a paypal akkownt as twobarkingdogs sugjested wot do yoo think??? ok bye


  2. Uh, Dennis, thanks very much but this award is much too big and important for a humble little blog like mine. Maybe in a year or so I might grow into it!

    Thanks anyway, Dennis, you’re a sweet guy!



  3. That’s great! I can see why that popcorn might have been a little difficult going down. Won’t your parents be surprised when they see it next!


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