we interupt satterday matinay on akkownt of dada is lazy!!! plus a vizsla rode trip!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to annownse that satterday matinay is interupted tooday on akkownt of i am going to a vizsla meetup on coronado iland it wuz suppozed to be at feeesta iland but they moovd it at the last minnit on akkownt of sumthing calld over the line wot is apparently sum sort of bizarr sandy eggo hyooman sporting event involving lots of beer wotever that is plus dada slept layt becuz he wuz up layt restoring a bakkup of his kompyooter becuz his drobo thing isnt recovering frum a drive failyoor like it is suppozed to dada didnt git up until seven am so lazy dada!!!! ennyway i am shoor their wil be pikchers layter but to tide yoo over heer is a short viddyo wot demonstrayts my tekneek for mayking shoor that nobody pays too mutch attenshun to tucker and not enuf to me ok heer goze:

ha ha ha gud job me!!!! lets go to the instant replay!!!!

and wunse agin dennis is the senter of attenshun wich is as it shud be!!!! ha ha ok bye

18 thoughts on “we interupt satterday matinay on akkownt of dada is lazy!!! plus a vizsla rode trip!!!

  1. Dennis
    Whewevew the meetup, I know it will be fun and you will be the centew of attention thewe too!

    Hehehehe 7:00 AM is late, heheheehe..Mommi sometimes get up at 11..now that’s lazy (to give hew some cwedit, she doesn’t go to sneep till thwee.
    smoochie kisses


  2. Dads have a thing about sleepin’ late-and I’ve learned that one excuse is as good as another, eh? It looks as if there are lots of Viszla’s at your house-they just keep running by!


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