the sunday awards and meem show reeterns!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay the awards and meem show is bak for a sekund week in a row!!! cud this be a trend??? wil the sponsers reetern??? only time wil tel!!! but for now lets moov on to the awards ok heer goze:

first i hav the luvly dog bone award frum my frend the purpel hatter:


as yoo can see this award sez to fetch it rite up wich i tried to do but then dada came in and kawt me nomming on his kompyooter moniter at wich poynt he blaymd me for all his kompyooter troubles hay dada its not my fawlt yoo buy cheep hardware!!! speeking of wich in addishun to dadas hard drive isshyoo he has now lost wun of his seepeeyoos in his kompyooter so he has to replayse it wich is why i am so far beehind on visiting evrywun but i wil try to ketch up soon!!! ennyway bak to the dog bone award i wood like to bestow this upon all my doggy frends so as it sez fetch it rite up evrybuddy!!! just dont akchooally nom on yore mama or dadas kompyooter as this seems to mayk them cranky!!!

ok mooving on we hav the kreativ blogger award frum my gud frend fiona!!!


as per offen happens this award comes with a hole bunch of roolz they are:

1. aknolledj the persun or dog wot gave yoo the award (dun!!!)
2. kopy the logo and playse it on yore blog (dun!!!)
3. link to the persun or dog wot gave yoo the award (dun!!!)
4. note seven things abowt yoreself wot peepul or dogs or kitties or rats mite find intresting (wil be dun in a minnit!!!)
5. nominayt seven kreativ bloggers oh wow thats a lot!!!
6. link to the seven kreativ bloggers hmmm i think five and siks cud be consolidayted but never mind
7. leev a comment on the seven kreativ bloggers blogs wel i never do that part becuz i dont want to presher peepul to come kollekt awards but they wil see them wen they come visit me and they wil come visit me rite???

ok lets see first the seven things abowt me:

  1. i think sum of my noo frends mite not no that i am a reskyoo dog hoo wuz fownd wandring in a desert canyon with my sister and too brothers my mama and dada tuk me in as a foster and adopted me almost immedyatly thanks mama and dada!!!
  2. wen yoo faktor in how much furnitcher i hav destroyd i am the most ekspensiv dog in the howse ha ha in yore fayse tucker!!!
  3. wen i play flyball i like to bark enkooradjment at the other dogs wen they go past me
  4. dada sez i am the best dog at playing fetch becuz i bring the fetch thing bak and drop it rite at his feet and if it isnt close enuf he can poynt at it and i wil bring it closer hay dada yes that is troo but that duznt meen yoo shud be lazy and just stand their yoo can stretch owt a littel to pik up the toy i meen seeryusly!!!
  5. mama has a tshirt with my pikcher on the bak and another pikcher on the front of me waring my fedora hay tucker how menny tshirts duz she hav with yore pikcher on it???  oh rite none!!!!  ha ha ha ha ha
  6. wun time i brawt in a ded gofer wot i fownd owt in the yard and dropd it in the living room mam sez it wuz the most disgusting thing enny dog ever brawt her so thats pretty impressiv rite???
  7. i am not neerly as afrayd of the oshun as i yoozd to be!!!  viddyo pruf wil be coming soon!!!

ok now i must selekt seven peepul or dogs or kitties to reeseev this award!!!  oh its always hard to narro it down but i wil giv it a try ok heer goze:

  1. first i wil giv it to my frend starla hoo posts sutch luvly pikchers of her nek of the woods in the mithical land of montana
  2. and my frend era hoo is mooving to the mithical land of austin gud luk era!!!
  3. and my frend rachel hoo livs a doggie life!!!
  4. and then their is of korse my frend the faymus purple hatter hoo mayks all kinds of kreativ cartoons and viddyos!!!  and im not just giving this to him becuz he keeps giving awards to me!!!  but that duznt hert his chanses ha ha no just kidding that wood be cronyism and we dont doo that arownd heer no sir!!!
  5. and my big frend mango the relentlessly hyoodj hoo has finaly gottin his viddyo kwality problem repayrd!!!
  6. and my other big frend honey the dansing greate dane frum the mithical land of noo zeeland!!!
  7. and last but not leest my frend reese the kitty hoo runs her own charm skool and is a mateeryal girl just like madonna only kyooter!!!

ok and thats a rap for this weeks sunday awards and meem show hope to see yoo all heer nekst week wen dadas kompyooter wil wunse agin be in gud repayr!!!  ok bye

18 Comments on “the sunday awards and meem show reeterns!!!

  1. The Seven Things about Yourself was pretty good, but you really like to Torment Tucker, don’t you? Do you ever take a day off from tormenting Tucker? I notice you don’t bother Trixie or Trouble, are you scared of those two?

    Just Wondering and supplying food for your next seven things.



  2. I just noticed your header….why is your cat called Trouble? I am sure cats never get into any trouble. hee hee


  3. congrats on your awards! I would love to have a shirt with your picture on it! your mom is lucky. Oh by the way this antibiotic I am on is a powder and the vet said its powder they give to pigs and Mom giggled thinking about your pig powder and now the vet probably thinks Mom is nuts.


  4. Congratulations on your awards!! It’s great that you are being recognized for all of your hard work that it takes to make your great blog!


  5. Congrats on your awards! I learned some new things about you today! Hope you had a great weekend!



  6. Hi, Dennis!
    Congratulations on your Awards!
    I hope your Dad can fix the computer soon!
    Kisses and hugs


  7. Congratulations all around!

    Love your new banner! Especially your Da’s silly hat.


  8. Oh thank you!!! Your list was so interesting. This is such a coincidence!!! I tagged Dennis, Tucker, Trixie and Trouble in my upcoming post this Thursday (7 reasons you are awesome – when I am travelling I sometimes prepare posts ahead of time and auto post them). Thanks for the award, you just made my day!


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