vizslas vs. the oshun: the reetern!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so as promissd heer is the tale of how me and tucker and trixie reeternd to the mithical iland kingdum of coronado for another battel with the pasifik oshun as yoo may rekall wen we did battel with the pasific oshun neerly almost eksaktly wun yeer ago we wer rowndly defeeted but this time it wuz diffrent!!!! sort of!!!

wen we arrivd at the iland kingdom of coronado we wer all verry eeger to git owt and fayse the pasifik oshun espeshly me as yoo can see i am in the bak praktising my elvis sneer wich has been nown to defeet the pasifik oshun with a singel applikayshun unfortchoonatly i dont hav the akkompanying sideberns and so my sneer is not as effektiv as it cud be

trixie is luking disrepyootabul before we eeven git started!!!

upon approatching the dog beech sekshun of the coronado iland beech we wer confronted by this irritabul luking sine:

i is not under the affluense of inkahol as sum peepul think i are!!!

now of korse the part wot sez no dogs on beech only applize to the part of the beech ware they dont allow dogs and not to the part of the beech ware they do allow dogs mayks sense rite??? as for the no noodity part wel we all had owr kollers on so no problem their the only thing wot konfyoozes me is wether or not we had any alcohalic bevredjez we ar not shoor wot alcohal is but dada sez that at leest they havent bannd alcohol so maybe we can bring beer nekst time ok lets moov on!!!

so heer is us on the approatch to the beech but it appeerz that sumwun has remoovd the oshun and replaysd it with this verry lardj fense and a golf korse!!!! wow california reely will put a golf korse ennyware wont they???

oh wait ha ha how silly of me the oshun is on the other side of the beech!!! ok guys lets hit that pasifik oshun with evrything weev got!!!

ha!!! wot do yoo think of that yoo socalld oshun??? ha ha ha ha!!!

thats more like it!!! as yoo can see we ar all mutch less afrayd of the pasifik oshun this time i think i must hav kowd it with my elvis sneer!!! well now that we hav shown the oshun hoo is boss yoo no wot time it is rite??? its miller time!!!! or posibly water time!!!! lets go to the trixie cam!!!

as yoo can see trixie is luking pretty disrepyootabul by now so yoo can tel she is having a gud time!!! ennyway after a hard days wurk batteling the pasifik oshun their is nuthing like sum kwality time with dada eh tucker???

oh yes gud times!!!

brite lite!!! brite lite!!!

trixie mayd a noo frend at the beech and they did sum fun wressling wile i showted enkooradjment unfortchoonatly this had the unwanted side effekt of mayking trixies noo frend think maybe i wanted to play with him

ummmmmm maybe nekst time mr big scary fast dog!!!!

after playing in the oshun its always gud to go find sumthing nice and stinky to roll in to help restore that gud doggie smell wot the water mite hav aksidently washd off

hey dog!!! stop bogarting all the stinky stuff!!!! hmph!!!

wile at the beech we met up with my teemayt indie frum the ballistic racers flyball teem:

hello nice reederz its indie the beagle dachshund dog

we hung owt with indie for the rest of the day wile he showd us his tekneek for ketching flies:

mmmmmm flies lots of proteen!!! after we wer dun at the beech we all went to a nise littel shopping senter on coronado iland

dada is praktising for a noo kareer as a dog wawker

wile their we ayt at a littel diner calld spiros gyros ware they let us dogs sit on the patty-o:

i wil hav sum soovlaki and sum gyros and sum pastichio and sum moussaka and pie!!!!

first mama had to promiss the owners that we dogs wudnt bark ha ha not mutch chanse of that!!!  tucker was so tired he didnt eeven try to mootch ennywuns fud!!!  wel not much ennyway!!!


as yoo may rekall this is the saym playse we went to last yeer ware i discuverd all the masheenery stikking up frum the undergrownd kingdum of the gofers that stuf is all still their but it duznt luk like the gofers hav mayd enny further progres on it perhaps as a reezult of their beeing driven deeper undergrownd wen i penetrayted to the verry edjes of there kingdum wile eksploring the kayvs with my gradjooat stoodent mutt

wel after we wer dun eeting owr greek fud we hedded bak home to oshunside we wer all gud and tired from owr adventcher in coronado!!!

ohhhh so tired but so happy!!!

i hav to say it wuz a gud day!!!

“I can’t believe I gave that big friendly dog my phone number.”

and let this be a lesson to the pasifik oshun maybe yoo can mess with vizslas wunse but yoo cant mess with vizslas twice!!! ok bye

38 thoughts on “vizslas vs. the oshun: the reetern!!!

  1. oh I’m jealous of all this fun at the beach…what’s with that ‘no dogs’ right above ‘no nudity’? huh? Are there doggie swimsuits? what would be the point of THAT?


  2. What a great time!!! That was so fun to watch the last video for some reason was not loading but all the other ones loaded up fine. Great day great fun thanks for sharing with us.


  3. You three did some real good frolicking! I was especially happy to see Tucker have so much fun, because in the first photo he has such a sad expression on his face. Or maybe he is just disapproving of your Elvis sneer!


  4. I like how Trixie kind of takes off and doesn’t hang out with you guys much. I wonder why?

    You certainly had a lovely day with your Mama and Dada!



  5. What a great day. It beed especially nice to see you and Tucker running around together. Haha Dennis, what a wimp you be with that other dog. Just like me!
    ~lickies, Ludo


  6. Amazing adventure with the big ocean. What was that little black dog all zipping around in the background.

    Dennis, you should that you have some extra jet propulsion when Trixie’s new friend tried to play with you. Yikes!

    The Elvis sneer is totally working for me.



  7. Dennis, maybe one day you will try and go in the water and swim? Clover highly recommends it!

    You all looked good and tired, have you had your bath yet?


  8. Wow! That look liked alot of exxtra fun! We liked watching those videos, but where is the video of your dadda eating all that grub? Hey momma wants to know where you got Trixies life preserver that she wears sometimes when she gets hot spots. I am not sure why she wants to know, maybe she afraid she is going to drown in the bathtub!


  9. Khool and refreshing fun time!

    I pawtikhularly liked one of the special guest khanine fur some reason!

    Woo soooooo looked tukhkered out!



  10. Sure looks you mastered that ocean stuff – so much fun!!! We even saw one of our kind there:)

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

    PeeEss, Phantom says a fedora will be fine or as Khyra would say, a phedora would be phine:-)


  11. Dennis
    Thewew is no questiion.. Dennis 1000 pacific ocean 0

    you showed him!!! did he ask fow a wematch???? ow did you totally hoomiliate him?
    Looks like a pawfect day fow all of you
    happy times!
    smoochie kisses


  12. I am SO happy the family had a chance to enjoy the great weather we are having and had a chance to spend time at the beach! I am sure you will be all having a great time this summer! I will be watching all those great videos! 🙂


  13. This was a great tale of triumph of good over evil. I knew you guys could do it. I don’t think Boston Terriers could beat the ocean though, I’d be scared, water is EVIL.


  14. Mom is wondering if I would like that, or, if I would just get really hot, full of sand and disgusted.. Looks like you all enjoyed it. Mom liked watching you have so much fun. I was listening, and making a happy face for you!
    your pal, Morgan


  15. The videos are cool! The dogs are cute!!!

    What did they mean no dogs allowed on the beach!??! Dogs are man’s best friend. They should be allowerd on the beach too. Well who cares about what those poopers think. Dennis should have just peed on that sign.


  16. Oh Dennis – you know how much I always love reading about your amazing adventures…but I must admit that I like the post about your ‘real’ adventures best!

    LOVE your videos!! You all look like you’re having so much fun! And how cool that you got sit in the cafe with your humans…weird, I did exactly the same thing this past weekend – the day after my dancing competition, my humans also took me to the beach and then to a cafe!

    Honey the Great Dane


  17. Wow! What a day! We were at the Pacific, too, but didn’t see you. I wonder how big that water is? Looks like you had as much fun as we did!

    Mom loves those gyros, too, but hasn’t had one in years, she said. Nice to visit with you! OC


  18. What a fantabulous day Dennis! You sure showed that ocean who is boss!!
    Tucker can really run can’t he! He is almost as fast as you!! You are very lucky to go for din dins with your family at a restaurant, dogs not be allowed anywhere like that in Engerland.
    Luv Scott xx


  19. GREAT videos. You have beautiful dogs, and it cracks me up how all dogs seem to get the zoomies at the beach or near any body of water!!

    We are first time visitors to your blog but will definitely be back. Hopefully we can be new friends with you all! Maybe you could come and visit us sometime…we will be back to see you soon!

    Wags and woofs,
    Benson and Gibson


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