Rescue Parvo Pups

Two of the vizsla puppies currently in rescue have come down with parvo.  Vizsla rescue is pretty stretched at the moment and is accepting donations to cover the costs of trying to save these little guys.  They were found in an abandoned house out in the desert.  From the vizsla rescue list:

Unfortunately we received some bad news today. Cleo is doing well as of last report and is in the hospital. Her brother, Whiskey, started throwing up last night, so it appears he is also coming down with it. I have attached photos of the two little babies.

If you can help with a donation and you haven’t please consider sending something to help cover their medical bills. The girl will probably run about $1000-1500, and we do not have an estimate on the boy just yet. We are asking for help from other organizations as well, but we will not get nearly enough to cover even one of these pups.

Checks should be made payable to: Julie King
Memo Line should say: SCVR – Parvo Puppies

Mail to:
Southern California Vizsla Rescue
c/o Julie King
PO Box 1938
Ramona, CA 92065

Thank you in advance for of your donations and all of your past help!

Julie King & Virginia Kennedy
Southern California Vizsla Rescue

Girl 624
Cleo ("The Girl")

Boy 111
Whiskey ("The Boy")

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