the sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by me beeing awsum

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weeks awards and meem show is mostly just a meem show becuz i wuz tagd by my frend era to giv seven reezons why i am awsum!!!  wel ok teknikly era tagd evrybuddy heer wich is me and tucker and trixie and eeven trouble the kitty for sum reezon now of korse we cant all tell all the reezons why we ar awsum becuz that wood tayk like all day but we can probly manadj seven appeese ok heer goze:

why dennis is awsum!!!!

  1. becuz with my brothers and sister i manadjd to survive in the desert long enuf to get reskyewed no small feet let me tel yoo!!!
  2. i am a noted flyball athleet
  3. i am keeping the wurld sayf frum stuffie dominayshun wun stuffie at a time
  4. i hav mayd and lost more fortchoons then donald trump and the shamwow guy put together
  5. i singelhandedly averted a reepeet of the disastrus 1980s teddy ruxpin wars
  6. i am apparently the only wun on the internets wot nos how to spel
  7. i havent been arrested and thrown into a dunjun for like three weeks!!!

ok so thats me now i wil tern things over to the others starting with my sister trixie ok trixie tayk it away!!!  oh wait tucker is wining and kerrying on as yoozhual ok fine tucker yoo can go nekst

Why I Am Awesome by Tucker The Much Better Vizsla Than Dennis

  1. I am awesome because I have to put up with Dennis’s antics day in day out
  2. And I am awesome because I am old
  3. And I am awesome because I can still outrun Dennis even though I am old
  4. Did I mention that I have to put up with Dennis?
  5. And I am awesome because I keep invisible monsters out of the yard by running out and barking at them in the middle of the night
  6. And I am awesome because I am a certified Magic Flying Coaster Pilot
  7. And finally I am super duper awesome for putting up with Dennis

ummmm yeah thats a grayt list tucker i see my naym menny times in yore list so i gess that meens yoo think i am awsum too ok now it is time for my sister trixie to go tayk it away trixie!!!

why trixie is awesome by trixie

  1. it’s not easy keeping tucker and dennis out of trouble but i usually manage it
  2. my vigilance in watching the hill is the only thing that keeps the yard from getting overrun by squirrels and bunnies
  3. i have drawn up complex defensive strategies to respond to a number of hypothetical end-of-the-world scenarios including an invasion of ups deliverymen, zombie armageddon, coyote apocalypse, and garbage-man uprising
  4. when i bark at intruders i sound like a dog three times my size, or so i am told
  5. i can jump over the back of the couch from a standing start
  6. my floofy tail — ’nuff said
  7. i am the only dog around here who has a clue what’s going on

ha ha thats a grayt list trixie i think i wuznt reely paying attenshun as i am stil trying to find ware michael jackson is hiding!!!  ok now the only persun left to heer frum is trouble the kitty hoo has sent in her responses frum the comfort of her cat cup or her fortress of solitood aka her boks ok heer is her list:


  2. SEE #1
  3. SEE #1
  4. SEE #1
  5. SEE #1
  6. SEE #1
  7. SEE #1

ooooookay thats a simpel enuf list thanks trouble!!!  i think!!!!  now then the fore of us wil collaborayt to tag two frends apeese to perform this meem if they so chooz ok first me i wood like to tag:

tayk it away tucker!

ummmm ok tucker i am pretty shoor yoo cannot tag yoreself agin to tel more reezons why yoo ar awsum so ummm just let me refraze those tags for yoo:

ok now lets moov on to trixies piks ok trixie hoo wood yoo like to tag???

  • sorry, dennis, i am busy modifying my defense plan for when the yard is overrun by meter readers

hmmm i gess trixie is busy so i wil do her tags as wel ok hoo wud trixie pik???  oh of korse!!!

i no thats three and i sed too apeese but trixie wurks hard so she deservs an ekstra pik!!!  ok that just leevs trouble the kitty trouble hoo wood yoo like to tag to tell us why they ar awsum???


ha ha yes we no yoo eevil jeenyuses like to stik together!!!  ok ummm i think thats ate tags altho i sort of lost trak a wile ago but ennyway lets call it a rap!!!!  ok bye

23 thoughts on “the sunday awards and meem show brawt to yoo by me beeing awsum

  1. Thanks, Dennis, we hope Trixie is OK with you picking us. We will do our best to come up with 7 reasons – all of yours were really awesome reasons you are awesome.

    The OP Pack of floofy tales


  2. What a fantastic nest of pets you guys are. I like Trixie’s best because she is smarter, prettier, and fluffier than the rest of you are.



  3. Dennis
    It suwe is about time the west of the wowld found out how awsome al of you awe, and thank dogness you know how to spell, cause I had a vewy hawd time undewstnding youw bwuvvew and Sissie.
    I think you should considew moving ause it sounds like yu live in a waw zone
    smoochie kisses fwom safe New Yawk City


  4. Amazing commentary Dennis, but I have to say that I am inclined to think Tucker is the most amazing dog for the reasons that he listed.

    As for you, yuh, you are amazing in your own way, but kind of, um, enthusiastic about things.



  5. We luffs orl yer awesummnesses but speshully Trouble’s coz she am a cat and she hav it down rite and purrfick.

    Wot?… Oh, da Noo Mummy sez to fank yuo fur yer simperfetic commint. She and da Unkel Pinky am sad dat lots of dem’s furriends hav dyde resently.

    We luffs yuo gyes, Simba 🙂 xxx


  6. hey dennis! i missed you!!! and you’re right. you’re awesome. i hope you understand me though, my spelling’s kinda baaaaaad.

    and tucker, cuddles and kisses, ’cause you DO put up with dennis. but that’s because you love him, right?!?!

    wow, trixie, you can jump over the back of the couch from a standing start??? awesome indeed!

    and trouble, yes you’re a cat. that’s awesome in it’s own right…


  7. Dennis, your list seems to be the most complete and convincing. That cat needs a dictionary or something. I hope you knocked on wood after the dungeon statement…


  8. Hey Tucker (Dennis?) thanks fer choosing me. Us old dawgs gotta stik togethur! I could almost copy yer list and replace Dennis with Star but I think that is called plagerizing and seeing as how the plage is a very seerius disease I thinks I will jest come up with a new list. Well that and I am not a Majic Flying Coster pilot.

    Yer pal Dozer


  9. Awesome lists you guys!!! I can tell that your mama and dada are well loved, entertained, and protected. Good luck with the new defense plan against meter readers, Trixie.


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