we interrupt wurdless wensday to bring yoo the ballistic times!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no yoo ar probly ekspekting wun of those wurdless wensday posts wot seem to always feetcher my brother tucker the other vizsla dog however insted today i wood like to annownse that my flyball teem the ballistic racers now has there verry own blog at ballisticracers.wordpress.com!!!  this blog is mostly beeing run by my mama with okayzhunal by wich i meen freekwent teknikal assistense frum my dada i jenerusly offerd to help mama with her speling grammer and punkchooayshun all of wich is atroshus but she declined hmph gud luk gitting ennywun to figger owt wot yoo ar trying to say!!!

ennyway if yoo hav ever wanted to no more abowt flyball or the ballistic racers or my mama for instanse wot her reel naym is pleez go visit the noo blog and leev a comment to say hello i no mama wood appresheeayt it!!!  thank yoo nice reederz!!!!  ok bye

16 thoughts on “we interrupt wurdless wensday to bring yoo the ballistic times!!!

  1. This is Dennis’s mom. Thank you for coming over and saying hi to The Ballistic Racers! There’s lots of great action photos (including one of Dennis)in the FLYBY 2009 Tournament Highlights post, if you click on “more.”

    Thanks again for visiting the team!!


  2. Hey Dennis wow that is a grate blog I OH MY GOSH IS THAT A BALL I SEE PITCHERS OF BALLS and yeah I gess there is sum dawgs and peeple and Dennis in them pitchers too but THERES ANUTHER BALL LOOK THAT DAWG IS RUNNING WITH THE BALL I WANNA RUN WITH A BALL IN MY MOUTH TOO I–

    Ahem. Mummy sez that website is off limmits fer me frum now on.

    Yer pal Dozer


  3. I cannot look at that flyball action. It makes me woozy.

    So was that wordless Wednesday or not? I am confused because that picture almost looked like words, but if I squinted my eyes just right I think I could see Dennis.



  4. We are headed over now, but um Dennis did you know that Shamu happens to be in the picture across the top banner on your web. I don’t think he was there yesterday. And oh um, Tucker and his magic flying coaster suddenly have also appeared, Trouble in her cat cup aka motor boat has been there awhile but ah, whats going on here?


  5. We went over there and said hi to yer mama. But there was only a couple pictures of you Dennis. Don’t you have some pull with someone to get more pics of someone on someone’s other web site?

    Bobo and Meja


  6. you have a killer whale on your blog… it kind of looks a bit like my brother Caesar (may he rest in peace)

    Always something exciting happening over here.
    Good to keep busy you know!


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