employment reekwest or mr walter smith waysts my time!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel aparently tucker gayv all those televizhun shows my kontakt informayshun becuz i hav started gitting bils frum them to reepayr the damadj he did to there catering tabels and the fud wot he ayt not to menshun the injereez he allejedly inflikted upon there hosts contestants or speshul gests now of korse as yoo no i reesently lost my entire pig powders fortchoon in yet another unfortchoonat industryal aksident wot wuz not my fawlt and didnt involv me dooing ennything ilegal but stil the end reesult is that i dont hav the fundz to pay theez bils fortchoonatly i hav kept menny valyooabul email offers in reeserv for just sutch an emerjency!!!

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