employment reekwest or mr walter smith waysts my time!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel aparently tucker gayv all those televizhun shows my kontakt informayshun becuz i hav started gitting bils frum them to reepayr the damadj he did to there catering tabels and the fud wot he ayt not to menshun the injereez he allejedly inflikted upon there hosts contestants or speshul gests now of korse as yoo no i reesently lost my entire pig powders fortchoon in yet another unfortchoonat industryal aksident wot wuz not my fawlt and didnt involv me dooing ennything ilegal but stil the end reesult is that i dont hav the fundz to pay theez bils fortchoonatly i hav kept menny valyooabul email offers in reeserv for just sutch an emerjency!!!


26 thoughts on “employment reekwest or mr walter smith waysts my time!!!

  1. Dennis
    your dada took your cell away- that’s the pits. i really liked that movie too!
    Hey i’m spayed!nice to meet ya!

    happy friday,


  2. Now Dennis, here is something you might want to check into. Down at the bottom of the letter, it says Xenexjoboffer2@aol.com.

    If this is a second offer, for people, the first offer might well have been for dogs. I’ll bet that is so. Write to them at once and see what specific jobs they have for dogs, and what they pay.

    Oh, and let us know, I could use a little part-time stuff myself!



  3. I really think you should send that Dennis, really, really. They might take your threat of lawyers seriously and give you monies anyway.
    ~lickies, Ludo


  4. Momma posted that outside her office so that her uber geek friends at work could learn the proper way to fill out a job application. Thank you for that most instructive post.



  5. People that send you letters with info to fill in really like to keep reminding you of your nooterd state don’t they. I never before realised that THE was your middle name, I always assumed The was just some kinda connecting word. Some people swap around & use their middle names like my Grandpa Roy did. That would make you The Dennis Vizsla, sounds kinda posh


  6. Yes, that’s discrimination! You should report it to the Human Rights Council! But, wait. The council is also discriminating the canine, isn’t it? It should be called the Equal Rights Council or somehing!!


  7. Hai Dennis! Doooooooooood yoo get all the luck! A job offer and african money leavers?? Fink of all da treats and bones yoo cud buy wif all dat green stuffs??


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!

    PeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeSssssss: Mom says thank you for stopping by TT Girl’s memorial on Wednesday.


  8. I thinks you would have more fun as a dishwasher! I meen most of the damaje wuz to caterers wich is food so it would be apropriate.

    Yer pal Dozer


  9. Heehee! You made Mom laugh so hard she cried (and she was reading it when she was supposed to be in a serious business meeting – luckily the business partners were friends, so Dad just sort of explained that Mom is crazy, and everyone was okay with that). But I think you should have applied – you’re probably the most qualified candidate they’ll get! (And DOES Alabama exist? I always thought it was like North Dakota – the map makers needed to put SOMETHING in that space and ‘here be dragons’ is a bit out-dated…)

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona The Perpetually Unemployed


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