Planet of the What Now?

Due to either a malfunction in the Doghouse of Justice’s guidance system or the unraveling of the space-time continuum, I have found myself not back at the university, but instead, stranded on some deserted beach. Under other circumstances I would simply return to the Doghouse of Justice and leave this forsaken place, but unfortunately it seems that coming here has drained its power supplies, leaving it immobile. I find myself stranded here with a strange, half-dressed, squinty-faced, heavily-armed fellow who seems to be suffering from some sort of paranoia. But is he paranoid? Or merely prudent? Soon enough, the answer will be revealed …

My new friend, who calls himself George, appears to have lost something of great value which he cannot find.


As we search fruitlessly for his contact lenses, George becomes increasingly agitated, until finally he insists that we must leave the area. I am reluctant to abandon the Doghouse of Justice, but he is quite insistent, and his palpable fear is contagious. Finally I agree to accompany him up the rocky cliffs surrounding this sheltered cove.


We have no sooner hidden ourselves behind an outcropping when George’s nervousness is proven to be justified — a cadre of strange and hideous creatures emerges from farther up the beach. They warily approach the Doghouse of Justice with a feral mix of curiosity and fear.


In all my months of adventuring I have never seen anything as terrifying as these monstrous things. An involuntary cry of horror escapes my lips — did they notice? Will they come looking for us?


Fortunately they are preoccupied with the Doghouse of Justice and do not seem inclined to brave the cliffs to seek us out. But now they are loading the Doghouse onto a wagon and preparing to take it away, and with it, my only chance to escape this misbegotten world. I have no choice but to follow them to their village, try to recapture the Doghouse of Justice, recharge its capacitors, and make my getaway. This is clearly the most difficult and dangerous task I have ever faced; but I will succeed, because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

25 thoughts on “Planet of the What Now?

  1. Figures Heston would be fully armed, with his affiliations and all. Looks like revenge of the Destuffed Stuffies to me! This could be exciting!


  2. Dennis…you are BETTER than Indiana Jones and funnier than just about any other Vizsla I know…even if I knew another Vizsla you would so be the funniest!

    Smiley BOL’s


  3. Golly Gosh Dennis, your spelling has improved unbelievably. Did Dr. Tamper with the spelling neurons of your brain. I cannot believe you are trapped on the Planet of the Stuffies. Maybe they will get revenge in this back the front world & chew your head off & rip out your guts. Be afraid Dennis be very afraid.
    You may also be interested in this Vizsla shaming post


  4. Dennis what horrible creatures taking the dog house of justice. Perhaps you can disguise yourself with a stuffie mask to infiltrate the village. I have an old moose head to loan you.


  5. You definitely tore a ginormous hole in the space-time continuum if your buddy ‘George’ is alive and toting machine guns (as well he should, I might add). I have faith that you can rescue the Dog House of Justice and get out of there.

    *kissey face*

    Pee Ess – If it were me, I’d leave George there, but Mom says if you can bring him back in that shape, you can always drop him off at our house!


  6. How is it that you always manage to have your most elaborate adventures on Saturdays? 🙂

    Another one hit out of the park, Dennis dear. Wonderfully clever and funny.


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