Trixie Doodles: The Cutie On Duty


Because squirrels and bunnies never take a vacation

22 Comments on “Trixie Doodles: The Cutie On Duty

  1. trixie on squirrel/bunny duty, mine on pigeon/any feathered creature duty…. except for levi, they walk wide rings around him.


  2. So vigilant! Even when the camera person came up behind her, she just turned her ear a little and then sniffed someone familiar and didn’t even look. Just kept her eye on the intruder. Trixie, you are A-1!



  3. Woos! Did you catch any? It has been a couple of months since I have tasted squirrel, good luck!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful


  4. Cosmo does the same thing! Sits very still waiting and watching. Clover does too, but she barks the whole time.


  5. How fortunate is your household to have a dog committed to the safety and security of the homestead. Good job, Trixie.


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