consentrayting is hard

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel becuz my sister trixie got so menny akk … akkoal … becuz my sister trixie got so much prayze and enkooradjmint just for garding the hill wich as far as i can tel is the saym thing as sitting arownd dooing nuthing i thawt i wood giv it a try and see if i can git so menny kompliments for dooing nuthing too!!!

of korse i am not going to just jump rite into garding the hill first i am going to ask trixie to trayn me so that i can be as gud a watchdog as she is!!!



wel trixie just tuk a kuple of eksedrin and then told me i am as reddy to be a watchdog as i wil ever git so lets giv it a try!!!

hmmm wel i didnt reely want to be a watchdog ennyway i am more of a luver than a protektor beesides i think trixie is just paranoyd ennyway sitting owt there staring at that silly cardbord boks hay trixie its just a boks its not going to do ennything!!!! ok bye

Later …



30 thoughts on “consentrayting is hard

  1. Dennis and Bailey must have gone to the same “how to be a watchdog” class.
    (my favorite is when a friend came to our house before we got home. Bailey greets him at the window then walks away. She comes back with a toy and starts throwing it at the window…)


  2. Dennis, you have such a great sense of humor! I can’t sit still either so it’s hard to be a watchdog, but at least you have a great sister to do all the work for you while you have tons of fun!


  3. I think maybe Trixie left out the step where you have to clear your head of all thoughts. That part is easy for me but might take you a bit of time.

    Pretty poor showing, there, Dennis. I mean you couldn’t even face in the proper direction. You need much more practice.



  4. Ahhh, no need to worry for the Vizsla family. Miss Doodle is ready to whip those critters and we all know she will. Such a wonderful dog, and soooo beautiful!

    Go gittem, Trixie!



  5. Thank goodness for Trixie!!

    I know all about those “shiny things” Dennis…they get me every time while I am watching the house!

    Mommy says from now on she will “swallow her tea” before reading your blog…bot sure what that means…



  6. omdog that looks FUTILE to me too, I mean really, looks like a box to me too?? There are more important things to do like watching baseball and um watching more baseball.


  7. You’ve got Trixie guarding the place? Two guard dogs seems sort of overkill. Someone has to be on Kibble Patrol…. (Trixie – keep your guard up! And you should be commended for attempting to teach Dennis, well, anything. I mean, he’s got a lot of great qualities, but, uh, I don’t see him as the easiest student in the world!)

    *kissey face*


  8. All I can say is what would you do with out your faithful and dedicated Trixie.

    Dennis, I thing you should learn something helpful, like licking the floors clean or dusting with your tail. I think that would make your mom really happy


  9. Hey Dennis that a purty lifelike Dennis statoo you got there. It even moves!! And walks! Oh the thangs they kin do with teknologee nowadays.

    Yer pal Dozer


  10. I love the writing on the blackboard “Show toofies” cracked me up. Dennis your tactic of bringing a robber a toy is probably what Dixie would do too. You look so handsome in your karate outfit


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