my gest revyoo of marley and me at dadas blog!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada must hav ben short on mateeryal this week becuz he had me do a gest revyoo on his awther blog of the faymus dokyoomentry marley and me yoo can go reed it their if yoo want to or yoo can just reed it heer if yoo dont want to go their or if yoo dont like the color orandj heer it is:

hello dadas nice reederz all three of yoo sorry dada that was a cheep shot its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? dada has askd me to come and do a gest revyoo of the faymus dokyoomentry marley me and dupree wot we watchd this weekend and — wot???  oh dada sez the dokyoomentry wuz akchooaly calld marley and me sorry my bad ennyway dada shoor i wil lend yore silly blog sum of my star power ok heer goze!!!

marley and me is the storry of the socalld wurst dog in the wurld hoo is suppozd to be verry destruktiv and disobeedyent and wel ok i gess he is disobeedyent becuz he wont do off or down or leev it like me and tucker and trixie do but destruktiv??? this dog is a piker!!!! i meen it tayks him eleven hole days to destroy the fernitcher in the howse wile his mama and dada ar on vaykayshun in the mithical land of ireland!!! the floors in there howse ar not coverd inch deep in fluff like the floors in sum other howses i cud menshun!!! i didnt see a singel disembowld stuffie just wun stuffie wot had its eer chood off i meen come on marley just the eer???? ennybuddy can choo off an eer even mike tyson did that mutch!!! amatcher!!!!

ennyway their ar sum other seens besides marley destroying stuf like marley playing in the oshun wich i hav also dun eksept ware marley is the oshun seems to not hav enny wayvs in it lucky dog!!! also their is a guy wot borrows marley to pik up girls and their is a seen ware marley gits kikd owt of obeedyense class and a most horrifying seen ware marley is tayken to the vetnameez playse for noodels and their ar varyus seens of marley eeting fud of varyus sorts and oh yeah their is also sum filler mateeryal abowt luv and wurk and famly and having babeez and wotnot hay less peepul more marley pleez!!!

ok now dada sez i hav to tel how long it tuk mama to fall asleep watching this dokyoomentry ok so akchooally we watchd it in too parts and both times mama fel asleep in abowt twenty minnits wich i gess is probly becuz marley wuz not a vizsla dog but rather wuz a yello labrador retreever i am shoor that if he wer a vizsla dog she wood hav stayd awayk for the hole thing!!!

wel their yoo hav it my gest revyoo of the faymus dokyoomentry marley and me by dennis the vizsla dog thanks for reeding dada wil be bak nekst week with another boring story or ekserpt or pikcher wot he droo wen he wuz like six but in the meentime if yoo want to reed abowt a reely destruktiv dog come visit me at dennises diry of destrukshun!!! ok bye

ok bye!!! oh wayt i alreddy sed that inside the revyoo wow thats so meta!!!! ok bye agin

22 Comments on “my gest revyoo of marley and me at dadas blog!!!

  1. Excellent review. I think I get better entertainments reading your bloggy than watching that dumb documentary.



  2. Very good review Dennis. We have not yet seen the movie, although we have if here at the house. Mom says that the book was very sad at the end, and she thinks the movie might be sad too. OOPS I hope that wasn’t a spoiler!


  3. Good review, Dennis, we won’t have to watch it now. Our mom falls asleep at the movies too. She read that book but didn’t see the movie – she said the ending was too sad for her to watch, reading was hard enough.


  4. My Mom didn’t care for the book or the way this family handled Marley. So she didn’t watch the movie and therefore, I didn’t watch the movie.

    My Mom just finished Tree of Wooden Clogs and she said it was great but it was a snoozer to me! She likes forein
    movies and this was from Italy. I prefer a movie with a lot of doorbell activity, good dogs or horses.

    Thanks for the review, Dennis, it was a
    good to read your thoughts. Did Tucker help you with this at all?



  5. Good review. My mom won’t watch the movie or read the book because she heard it had a sad ending! If she suspects a book does something to a dog she won’t touch it. It has to be all happyhappy or she’s not spending money on it.

    love & wags,


  6. Hi, Dennis!
    My mom read the book and watched the movie but she thinks your review is much better!
    Kisses and hugs


  7. Hi Dennis,
    I see you comment on lots of my friends blogs so I thought I would come visit you. I have to say I think your review is very good. We are going to add you to our blog list so we can come back and visit. Oh and my mom is so totally buying your dads books. Dad says mom read books like she would eat cupcakes. I think that means she reads a lot. hahahaha


  8. BOL! What a great review, Dennis. We haven’t watched the movie and weren’t too interested in seeing it ’cause my Momster suspected all the slightly funny parts were in the previews… whatever that means.


  9. Oh wow your review was so great I wanna see the documentary now. As far as destructiveness, you reign supreme & Marley just doesn’t compare.


  10. Good review, Dennis! We haven’t seen the movie. Mom won’t because she gets all leaky-eyed at that kind of thing. She’s still bummed about seeing Bambi when she was like 5. hehe Then again, when she gets all leaky-eyed about sad animal movies, we get lots of treats and hugs. Hmmm. Maybe I should have Dad put it on netflix. And place an order for some delicious snacks…

    Your pal,


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