loot from stella and sad news from daisy

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i hav a gud thing and a sad thing for yoo today lets start with the sad thing i hav herd that my gud frend pink daisy the pink pit bull has lost her brother sprocket this weekend so if yoo wood like to go visit her i am shoor she wood apreeshyayt it sprocket wuz a kyoot littel fuzz ball and wil be grately missd!!!

now on to the gud thing we got sum loot frum my gud frend stella for leeving a comment on her two hundredth post wich is like forteen hundred in doggie posts!!! chek it owt heer is the boks:

as yoo can see it has my naym on it wot meens all the loot is for me!!!! lets see wot is inside!!!

oh its a ball!!!! ball ball ball!!! and also sum stuff wot is calld cheesies spelt bakwords!!! and a kercheef!!! and a note!!! hay dada wot duz the note say???

wot??? i hav to shayr the cheesies with tucker?!?!?! and the kercheef is for trixie?!!? oh well i gess i can try to shayr after all shayring is caring or so i hav herd hay trixie come heer we hav sumthing for yoo!!!

hmmm trixie i do not think this is a babooooshka besides wen yoo ware it like that it mayks yoo luk a littel bit like the big bad wolf pretending to be littel red riding hoods gramma lets try it arownd the nek eh???

hmmm it seems that trixie is too big and or fluffy for the scarf but hay i no hoo it wood fit hay tucker come heer!!!

wot??? oh no no no tucker this is not a girl dogs scarf not at all!!!! ha ha ha

thank yoo so much for the loot stella it is verry mutch appresheeayted!!! ok bye

Meanwhile …


32 thoughts on “loot from stella and sad news from daisy

  1. Tanner was sure Dad would not mind lending his books out again for those rodents, but then I smacked him. sheesh.

    Looks like you got some seriously good loot from miss Stella. Congrats on being a big winner!


  2. I am glad that the box arrived and the scarf has palm trees on it so its fine for anyone who lives near the beach. I am only sorry it didn’t fit Trixie since I admire her very much for putting up with you boys. We could make a bigger one, just say the word.


    Peeess, did you notice the ball claims to be in-dee-structable! Have a go at it, Dennis!


  3. Very nice pressies from Stella – have you destroyed the ball yet?;-) We don’t know Daisy and Sprocket but we will go woo them some good thoughts.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack


  4. We are so sorry to hear about Sprocket – like the Op Pack we dont know them but will pop over – it is never an easy time.
    What great presents you got from Stella – report back when you have destroyed the ball!
    How sweet did Trixie look with that headscarf – we have found that they are not so flattering tied over the ears although we get many suggestions to wear one!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  5. Sorry bout your friend.
    It will be good to see if you can destruct the ball! I bet you could market those skills to the army or somethings like that if you could!
    ~lickies, Ludo


  6. Do the Seiseehc taste different to Ccheesies??? Trixie does indeed look big, bad & wolfish in that scarf. I think Tucker may have cross dresser issues to deal with…


  7. Oh Dear Dennis thank you for mentioning that Sprocket went to the bridge. We miss him alot and appreciate all the nice comments.


  8. Nice stash from Stella! We love Daisy and have read her blog from the beginning. Very sad to lose Sprocket, such a cool name, too.

    love & wags,


  9. what a wonderful box of goodies you got! sorry you had to share some of them with your other friends!

    (thanks for all the wonderful comments on our blog 🙂

    betty and Koda (a corgi in Southern California)


  10. Hai Dennis! Wot great stuffs yoo gots! I dun fink I wud wear pink but da cheesie poofs, er crackers do look pawsome!


    Hai MOM, can I has some cheesey poofs?? Dennis the Vizsla has sum and I has to too!



    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is crunch chew nomnomnom Jake!


  11. So sad about Sprocket.

    Tucker looks good in the scarf. Wish it fit Trixie though. I think it looks best on her.

    Wondering about the shopping trolly. What’s up with that?


  12. We don’t know Sprocket or Daisy, but we’re headed over there right now to give them some love.

    That’s a sweet prize back from Stella. I think Trixie looked quite fetching in that baboooooshka.

    Your pal,


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