Adventures In Grocery Shopping




Later …


29 Comments on “Adventures In Grocery Shopping

  1. MMMM CHIKKEN!! You kin totally take a hedjhog and a skwirrel. Espeshully if the payoff is a jiant chikken. If you wanna split that chikken Ill come help you git rid of the rodents.

    Yer pal Dozer

    PS Mummy sez those rodents did a better job shopping then my Daddy did! She is rite cause Daddy forgetted the dog treets.


  2. We never knew that squirrels shopped in supermarkets – you would think they would have got you a cooked chicken or are you on a BARF diet?
    Martha & Bailey xx


  3. I hope that chicken is free range Dennis, don’t be tempted by a battery hen. It looks dead, maybe the batteries ran out???
    Wow, you got a guest appearance fromy Paul Blart, I loved that movie, it was hilarious & made me want one of them 2 wheel scooter things


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