47 thoughts on “(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Water Therapy

  1. Eeek, water! Water is not for me!
    Sorry we have not been able to keep up with visiting…..mom is trying to get unburied with work, but so far it is not happening.
    Have a great day!


  2. Hi Dennis – you’re a good pal to be there to encourage. We think we’d like to give it a go, but only if there was a shallow end! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  3. Is this big butt Wednesday or something? You are like totally the 975th doggie I visited today that had a photo that made their bottom look HUGE.



  4. dennis, what mischief are you plotting? hmm? sure looks like a devious plan is brewing in your brainpan as you keep a ‘safe distance’–why else are you not enjoying the water? eh? thinking of turning up the hot tub heat or what? hmmm…


  5. Hey Denis-
    Way to be a buddy, but know where to draw the line – don’t let them talk you into that water! There are bad things in water, I just know….
    Remember those water dwelling vacuums… Oh BTW, that wasn’t me in the vacuum, it was my labradork brother Mason. We were able to reconstruct him, though. Super glue & fur=messy……


  6. The dog having therapy looks so happy! Doesn’t Dennis like water? We couldn’t keep our dog OUT of water but she was a Lab/Aussie shepherd mix.


  7. So that’s where Dixie’s rubber chooky went to…
    OK Dennis, fess up, are you the one who dyed Trixie’s fur black & white??? Or is it just chlorine bleaching???


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