Beneath the Planet of the Stuffies

After being betrayed by my supposed ally, George the shirtless gun-toting nearsighted human, I have found myself dragged off to a dank dungeon cell deep beneath the planet of the stuffies. Here, I am told, I will await my fate, which will be decided by a judgment passed by the Elder Stuffies. If the behavior of the other stuffies is any indication, I cannot begin to hope for a fair hearing from these creatures. Meanwhile, their scientists are no doubt probing the technology of the Doghouse of Justice. I must escape before these horrible creatures learn how to use it and are unleashed upon an unsuspecting universe …

Like many of the other dungeons I have been in, this appears to be an impregnable cell of stone and iron. I attempt to persuade the stuffie guard that this is all a misunderstanding, to no avail:


Left to my own devices, I immediately begin pondering ways to escape. Or possibly I just start feeling sorry for myself.


But my brilliant plotting is unexpectedly interrupted:


Evidently I have a fellow-prisoner here. But who could it be? Obviously not toadying George; another dog perhaps? Or a human who has not been seduced by the stuffies’ wily ways and opulent lifestyle, and thus was locked away in this terrible place?


As the rabbit natters on and on, I find myself unable to concentrate on planning my escape; and then the stuffie guard returns with alarming news.


The trip back to the surface to stand before the tribunal will be my last chance to escape, and I must not waste it! I am not sure what I can do against an entire planet of stuffies determined to exact vengeance upon me, but I will think of something; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

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