Children of the Night

For this one, you don’t really need to pay close attention to the video. Just turn the sound up. Way up. And apologize to your dogs in advance.

This was going on outside our house just before 10pm.  (All our animals were safely inside the fence!)

26 thoughts on “Children of the Night

  1. We don habs dem howlers in my yards, we juss habs dat kitties dat yowls in da nites. We howls and barks wiff em too. Was yous scarded, Dennis? I was when we had da tornado yesserday-it was loud and scary! magic da CWC in da tornado in Minyappliz


  2. Creepy! I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that at my house. All I have to do is keep the neighbor’s cat out of my yard. Oh, and keep an eye on the birdies.



  3. oh Coyotes okay as long as they far away doing their own thing–but not so good when near house loving canines. Seriously, a friend lost several of his critter family–including two large fiesty buds in their own right–to coyotes on the prowl. Be forewarned that a ‘fence’ might not be enough safety–if the wild ones get to hankering for more than howling.


  4. Those were coyotes? The ones near our estate never make that much noise, but we have a fence so I guess they don’t get too close. Who was providing the color commentary there? Ah woo! Ah woo!

    I had trouble ignoring the video since it featured a FAN which is what I crave right now.



  5. We have a pack of coyotes near us too but we never hear them at night. That’s because all the neighbors’ dogs are out barking and barking and barking all night long – drives the Momster nuts.


  6. Our buddy Zimmy from Kansas talks to them –

    Befure he was saved/reskhued by his mom and dad, he lived on a chain fur too long. He learned to talk to the khoyotes and they talked to him!



  7. Sounds like the werewolves were lurking nearby. Don’t forget your clove of garlic & silver bullets. Or is the garlic for vampires, I can’t remember


  8. From Dozer’s mom: You know the weird thing about this video… Star usually starts barking like MAD when she hears any sort of strange noise coming from my laptop (inevitably joined in the barking by Dozer, who refuses to be left out of anything). This time the noises were so creepy, I was totally prepared for my dogs to go insane, but instead: Not a peep. Not the least bit interested. Star actually drifted asleep halfway through(?!?).


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