Trial of the Planet of the Stuffies

Still stranded on the bizarre planet of the stuffies, the rabbit and I now find ourselves being frog-marched from our dismal dungeon cell up to the stuffie courtroom, where a show trial awaits us.  But already I have begun making plans to escape …

We have been assigned a stuffie attorney, but I sense that he is not truly interested in representing us before the council of the stuffie elders.


I soon learn that my fellow prisoner, the rabbit, stands accused of a long list of crimes, most notably writing threatening messages. But the main focus of this trial is not him; it is me. Relying on my quick wits and silver tongue, I quickly mount an incontrovertible refutation of the charges against me.


I quickly take my leave, before they can change their minds, and hurry back to the stuffie village in search of the Doghouse of Justice. I am sad to have left my fedora behind, but I have several dozen more in my office at the university, if I can ever find my way back to it. But before I can do that, I need to find my way to the Doghouse of Justice. Fortunately, from the high tower of the council of elder stuffies, I have a commanding view of the village, and quickly spot the Doghouse in a nearby stockade. I hurry to it, but just before entering, I encounter my former friend George, who had earlier betrayed me after falling in love with one of the stuffies. It seems he is as fickle in his affections as he is in his allegiances, because he has evidently married a completely different stuffie from the one I last saw him with. And, it appears, he has undergone radical plastic surgery for his new love:


Enjoyable as it might be to grab George and shake him around a bit, I have no time to waste; any moment now the council of elder stuffies may see through my brilliant hat ruse and come after me.  I quickly duck into the Doghouse of Justice and seal the door behind me.  There still remains the small matter of charging up its engines, but at least I am safe from the stuffies and their sinister de-stuffing plans, for now.

I immediately begin inventorying the contents of the Doghouse and its many rooms and storage areas.  Perhaps there is a spare power supply somewhere aboard.  And then, I spot it:  The Rawhide Chew of Power, left behind by the Doctor when I dropped him off earlier.  It may have enough energy to power the Doghouse of Justice, at least long enough to get me off this misbegotten world. I insert it into the power unit and am on my way!


It will not be long before I am back in my office, regaling disbelieving graduate students with tales of my adventures!  Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

24 thoughts on “Trial of the Planet of the Stuffies

  1. Good that you escaped the stuffies! One of mine escaped me while I was in the kennel but I captured another–and that is how it should be, not the other way around!



  2. Did Khyra say “shan’t”? Has someone stolen her identity? This is scary.

    However, Dennis, Hooray for your excellent way out of the stuffee court and for making it home again, jiggety jig. I love that you never, ever give up, and I am working on that myself.



  3. Wow! What an adventure… Doghouse of Justice… sort of like a blue phone booth?

    You are such a quick thinker to! Never let a stuffie have the upper hand is MY motto! BG


  4. Goodness Dennis the stuffies aren’t very smart. You without a hat being unrecognisable as a dog is as crazy as not being able to recognise Clark Kent without his glasses


  5. You have to be careful when you hang out with stuffies. They have their own set of rules which are not always in keeping with what is proper for a clever and handsome chap such as yourself. Sure, individually they are OK, but collectively, stay clear!



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