hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i overherd trouble and her weerd nome frend plotting to blow up the hole wot tucker went down!!!  i hav to go tawk to trixie she wil no wot to do!!!


oh no trixie wont help me!!! i wil hav to defeet trouble and bilder bob and reskyew tucker all by myself!!! wot to do wot to do??? hmmm wel trouble sed she had dy-no-mite in her boks so i wil go luk their first!!! oh wot horrors wil i find inside her boks??? lets find owt!!!


aaaaiiiiiieeeeee it is eeven more terrifying inside troubles lair then i ever ekspekted!!!




but how can this help me defeet trouble and bob the bilder???  and ware is the dy-no-mite???  they must hav alreddy tayken it to put it in the hole!!!  i must go and confront them now wish me luck!!!  ok bye

25 thoughts on “dy-no-mite!!!

  1. When you mentioned dy-no-mite I was expecting some good times with JJ.

    Please do not get caught in that scary box. You’ll be in a heap of trouble. I can’t believe that Tucker is putting you through this. Are you sure he is really still in the hole?



  2. Dennis, I fear Tucker may be beyond help. Look at how long he has been down in that oil, maybe already suffercated, maybe uhh, mentally damaged from inhaling all those oil fumes. Stick with Trouble (!) and see what she is planning. Or maybe Trixie has a plan and she isn’t sharing it. Ahhh, it all looks bleak to me, Dennis.



  3. oh that looks like one tough CAT–MEOW! What is trouble plotting? what’s up with that catbox? Does NOT look like otto’s litterbox of shame to me…I think it’s time to re-asses this situation, dennis–


  4. Dennis
    This is twooly fwightening..I admiwe you so fow youw bwavewy and loyalty. good luck in defeating this evil and wescooingTuckew
    smoochie kisses to help you on youw way


  5. A person wut is also a kitty?! Wut kind of evel geenius would create a critter like that? It is like rapping a yukky pill aka kitty with a peece of delishus cheese aka person!

    Yer pal Dozer


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