28 thoughts on “Observed Around The Oil Patch

  1. What could it be for Tucker, except all over. His brainal capacity will be zero from breathing all the oil fumes, plus he is probably stuck in the oil.

    Ah, this is just too sad! Poor Tucker (words I never thought I’d say)



      1. that would be “wonderfully strange minds”… sorry about my avatar changing the past couple of days…just wanted to get away from that dark image of me and find something more suitable to my personality. i think i’ll stay with this one.


  2. Herro Dennis!
    I saw you on Honey’s blog and thought I would introduce myself! But it looks like I chose a bad time :o/
    Please take care of yourself Dennis – I am very concerned for your safety!

    I am very glad that little man got taken by a hawk.

    Mr Darcy


  3. How did Trixie get so smart exactly?? Hm, looks like you guys are going to be missing your black gold here shortly. Pee S. Mom listens to that TWIT too and she thinks Kevin Rose is the most handsome geek she has ever seen but I think he is a DOOFUS.


  4. Goodbye Bob. Will miss your annoying squeaky voice and puny little head.

    And Tixie is right! There IS something nice behind the fence.

    Now what do we do with all the TNT? Let’s blow something up! 🙂


  5. In Teksus the tee most peoples drink is very cold and has ice in it! I does not think it eksplodes. But I kin see why them peoples mite want to buy sum anyways cause their car duz not have windows that hold in the cold air! They must be very hot and I thinks Teksus tee would halp cool them down. Go ahed and gives it to them Dennis you would not like the tee ennyway I had sum once and it tasted reely awful.

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. *chuckles* hilarious. U knows, we’d never be able to look at bob the builder ever the same again … 😛

    Not the fix it guy but the TNT up guy!


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