Wordless Wednesday: What Do You Mean I Cannot Has Stuffie?

42 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: What Do You Mean I Cannot Has Stuffie?

  1. Poor Rabbit was on his way to the photo shoot for last week’s Saturday Matinee when Dennis spotted him. Unfortunately Rabbit is a stuffie for humans and not safe for dogs!


  2. Wow A Hard Core Toxic Danger Rabbit? I did not know there were such lethal stuffies about! Look out Dennis…


  3. Dennis that stuffie was your dadda’s since he was a widdle boy and he does not want you to eat it! It has sentimental value, I am sure!


  4. Is it really a Dadda stuffee? If it is, sit it in a shadow box for the family and visitors to look upon and nobody but Dadda gets to play with it.



  5. You should certainly have that stuffie Dennis!
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    PS We were surprised that out mum reacted to a potential drowning by not filming it ourselves – good to know you have similar dysfunctional parents!!!


  6. Stuffie trance – nothing else exists but the stuffie

    Woodrow – Sweetie – MJ


  7. If I’m not mistaken isn’t that one that somehow got here through time from the planet of the stuffies. Best avoid it Dennis


  8. I am so glad you like kitty’s too.
    Thanks for stopping bye.
    You need some one to buy you a stuffy you can have.


  9. Hai Dennis, mom has discovered none stuffed stuffies! She bought me one and I’s love it! I didnt fink so acuz I love to tear apart the stuffie and throw da fluff all over.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


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