27 thoughts on “The Negotiator

  1. I think you must have learned your negotiating skills from reading your spam email. Still, at least you’ll get Tucker back soon which is better than a million bucks, right?



  2. But what about Tucker? Never mind the money! What kind of shape is Tucker in? I am afraid he is going to come out a total loss, brainally speaking. If it is so, you may have to find an institution where he can live and be cared for, and it will cost you more than your Buck!



  3. Hmm. I’m not sure who got the better deal there. But for some reason the word ‘swindled’ keeps bouncing around in my head….

    Don’t spend that dollar all in one place!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona, the Financially Unaware


  4. Perhaps you shouldn’t be quite so hasty next time, although to me a dollar sounds like a good trip to Dairy Queen.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


  5. Hey don’t feel bad Dennis, money’s not everything. Besides you can always invest the dollar with your African Banker friends in a high interest account & be rich beyond your wildest dreams in about 5,000,000 years or so


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