reskyew party!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay those hillbillies hav tayken all owr oyl away in there fleet of gleeming tanker trucks so the big hole is empty and now trixie and me ar going down in it to find tucker wish us luk!!!


wot shall we find at the bottom of the ladder??? oh my!!! its a misteeryus tunnel wot wuz wunse filld with wurthless black stuf!!! and also mango relentlessly huge going erth-dogging!!!


trixie beeing verry alert to things wot ar owt of the ordinerry has notisd wot appeerz to be a submareen off in the corner lets investigayt!!!


oh this duz not luk gud at all!!! luk at all the bones skatterd arownd!!! not to menshun the ummm bongo drums??? wel trixie is going to hav a luk inside the submareen wile i ummmm stand gard owtside yeah thats the tikkit!!! oh ha ha trixie sez i hav to come with her of korse she needs me to protekt her wel lets go find owt wot is inside the submareen oh the horror the horror!!!


hmmm wel tucker appeerz nun the wurse for ware as a reezult of his ordeel apparently he wuz alone in the submareen for the last week or so poor poor tucker all by himself!!! and for wunse he seems glad to see me!!!


well trixie and i ar going to eskort tucker bak to the surfiss and then we wil fill in the hole so its anuther happy ending for evrywun involvd in owr adventcher!!! ok bye

27 thoughts on “reskyew party!!!

  1. Oh Dennis
    Our pictures or your pictures are not loading!!! We will have to come back – we think we need a new computer. Do you know a man in computers Dennis?
    Martha & Bailey xxxx
    PS Be back later……….


  2. Thought I saw you down there. Nice to know you actually had a whole body and not just a head. Must have been the cave gas making me see things.

    I am a little nervous about Tucker. He might need some deprogramming or at least intensive therapy after his ordeal.



  3. Once again, Trixie saves the day! My serious concern for Tucker’s mental faculties have been relieved somewhat to see he has been in a submarine and not flopping around in that oil, altnough I do agree with Mango that he may need some therapy.

    Good work, Gang!


  4. Hai Dennis, dat was a ‘citin adventure. Yoo see where my adventures are – a 5 second drive in da metal machine. *sigh* Can I has sum adventures wif yoo all? I can lend my springs in my feet as help!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  5. Yayy, laptop is letting us see the WHOLE picture…woohoo! Ha, we just noticed you still have Rambo hiding in your sidebar….hi Rambo!

    So we came to tag you for a game if you and your furry siblings want to play….come over and see!
    Oh, and it’s nice to see you again Dennis!
    Slobbers xx


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