its the sunday awards and meem and art show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow hav we got a bizzy awards and meem show for yoo today!!!  lets jump rite in!!!

first up is the animal lovers award wot wuz created by the purple hatter and givin to me by my gud frend pink daisy!!!


now unlike sum of purple hatters awards this wun haz roolz and they ar:

  • put the award on your blog and link to hoo gayv it to yoo
  • give a nod to purple hatter hoo made the award
  • give the award to at least five of your blogging buddeez who hav been reskyewd or support reskyew or hav helpd with a reskyew dog or kitty cat!

now of korse i am a reskyew vizsla dog and my sister trixie wuz reskyewd frum the pownd and so was trouble the kitty hoo wuz probly in the pownd as punishment for her eevil skeemz!!!  a lot of my frends wot ar involvd in reskyew hav alreddy gotten this award passd to them but i am going to try to find sum hoo hav not for instanse:

  • khyra the husky hooz mama is always transporting reskyewd animals thither and yon and yon and thither and ware ar thither and yon ennyway???  hav yoo ever ben eether playse???  neither hav i!!!  but khyras mama has!!!
  • and stella hoo wuz reskyewd frum the pownd!!!
  • and my reskyewd frends hoo need a sugar fix!!!
  • and stanislaw and big pupi the reskyewed cocker spaniels wot eet raw meet just like we do!!!
  • and martha and bailey basset the reskyewd basset hownds!!!!

ok nekst i hav another award also frum the purple hatter this is the yore blog rocks award!!!


as yoo can see this is a hevy mettle award indeed!!!  the only rool purple hatter attachd to it is that it shud be givin to nice reederz hoo comment more then twice a week on youre blog so let me go check the comments and see hoo that mite be!!!  ok heer ar the first five nice reederz wot i fownd wot comment more then twice week:

now those ar just the first five i kaym too going bak thru comments hoo commented twice in the last week i hav menny other frends wot leev me comments more then twice a week like fiona and daisy the curly kitty and dory and lorenza and the op pack and 47whitebuffalo and life with dogs and lynn and the thundering herd and so menny more so pleez eetch and evry wun of yoo feel free to tayk this award!!!

ok finaly my reesently reeternd frends the dughallmor beagles hav reeternd frum there ekzile in the librerry and hav presented me with this meem its the oops i ayt it challendj!!!

oopsnow this is not to be confyoozd with the song oops i did it agin by the faymus minstrel britney spanyel!!!!  ok i am not reely a fud theef but if yoo hav ben paying attenshun then yoo no hoo arownd heer is so let me now present my brother tucker the vizsla dog to aksept this challendj!!!

Hello good readers.  This is Tucker the Much Better Vizsla Than Dennis.  Let me begin by saying that “stealing” is the wrong word for what I do.  If food is left unattended then obviously the human who was eating it doesn’t want it anymore and it would be morally wrong to let it go to waste.  And by “unattended” I mean either not looking at it or too far away from it to stop me from taking it.  Now obviously my career in unattended food cleanup is too long to list everything so I will just hit some of the highlights, for instance:

  • The Chicken Incident #1
  • The Chicken Incident #2 and my rebuttal
  • An entire box of rum balls
  • An entire tub of Vaseline (highly recommended for keeping you regular — very very very regular)
  • A box of  foil-wrapped chocolate-covered cranberries that gave me very glittery poops for a few days
  • An entire jar of chunky peanut butter
  • And one of my greatest achievements — once I was sitting on Dada’s lap while he was eating a piece of cherry pie. Dada glanced off to the left because he heard a noise from the hallway, and I grabbed the entire piece of pie off his plate and ate it in a single gulp.  Because a pie is a terrible thing to waste.

ha ha thanks tucker that is ummm kwite a list to be prowd of ennyway now i hav to pass this yummy tray of cookeez on to at leest five of my frends so heer goze:

whew that shoor wuz kwite the awards and meem show!!!  toon in nekst week saym dog time saym dog channel!!!!  ok bye

36 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem and art show!!!

  1. Hi Dennis
    Congratulations on your Awards and thank you so much for passing the Daisy Dog Award to us. We are thrilled you thought of us and will post about it soon.
    Like you we have tried to set aside Sundays.
    Thanks again
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  2. saaaay those cookies are lookin pretty good i can smell them from here, or at least i can smell something in the kitchen. i better go see whats in the kitchen. hey thanks dennis


  3. By the way, Mimmier says she is glad you enjoyed the rum balls, but next time you should leave some for Mama and Dada.


  4. Good job on that cherry pie theft, Tucker. We have been trying to snag some of the delicious blueberry cobbler mom keeps making, but so far we have only gotten tidbits. Congrats on all your wonderful awards and thanks for sharing with us too.

    woos, the OP Pack


  5. I didn’t realize that Tucker was such a good, erm, eater. Holy smokes, I hate to say it, but I’m kind of glad that Titus isn’t the only uh, competitive eater around. Tucker, Tucker, Tucker. I salute you.

    ~The Mom


  6. AW shucks.. thanks for passing on the award. I am impressed with all the awards you win and well deserved. Now onto the foodables. Rum Balls? Yummers.. nice work. and my all time fav.. jar of PB.


  7. stealing is a harsh word- i’ll go with your definition instead. although stick to the foodies.. chicken-yes, rumballs-double yes. vaseline. not the best choice. not food!

    thanks 4 the good vibes- feeling better on the drugs & this catering to my every need isn’t so bad:)

    toodles, tula


  8. Hey Dennis – thanks for the cookies, and the birthday greeting. I mostly steal cat poo from the potty box, but if I think on it, I bet I can come up with some other stuff.
    Your pal, Morgan


  9. hahaha Tucker! Classic! I hate to see food wasted too but I’d never risk taking it from under the peoples noses!
    ~lickies, Ludo


  10. Hello there Dennis!

    Thank chew for passing us the ‘opps I ate it award’. Now that’s going to be an inneresting post!

    Congratulations again on your awards!

    LIcks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack



    Yer pal Dozer


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