hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada is going throo and retagging all his pikchers for the umpteenth time umpteen beeing a number between twelv and a hunnerd and in the process we ar finding old pikchers and viddyos wot dada never posted or posted and forgot abowt ha ha and so i am going to start a noo feetcher ware i post theez lost pikchers and viddyos i wil call it ummmmm the lost pikchers and viddyos show!!!  wel eksept i gess they ar not lost on akkownt of i hav fownd them but yoo no wot i meen!!!

ok so heer is wun wot is akchooally pretty reesent becuz dada is wurking his way bakwards frum reesent pikchers to old pikchers typical hyomman always wurking bakwards this is wun wot i call vroom!!!!

did yoo see how i ran by so fast that i mayd the kamra fall over??? and how the dust bunny wuz following along after me???  i hav got mad running skilz its frum all the flyball yoo no!!! and hay dada yoo mite want to try vakyooming the howse wunse in a wile!!!  ok bye

30 Comments on “vroom!!!!

  1. Hi Dennis – wow, you’re faster than a speeding bullet! We spotted the dust bunny – he tried but he couldn’t catch up with you, he he he! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  2. DENNIS! I think I saw a mouse running under the furniture on the right hand side near the end of the movie! OMG!

    You are quite speedy. I almost didn’t see you. My momma is always grumbling about not having things labeled properly. WHatever. I am looking forward to your most historical photos and movies.



  3. Inside zooms are The Best (especially when you can knock over the camera!) And if that’s a dust bunny then 1) we need to rename TaiChi (whose nickname is ‘Dust Bunny’), and 2) we got LOTS of dust bunnies in our house (actually, even if that thing was a mouse, we’ve still got lots of dust bunnies in our house!).

    *kissey face*


  4. You do has some mad running skillz! Oh, I thought that dust bunny monster was gonna eat you. Watch out, them things is like tribbles.


  5. Whoa, Dennis, you ARE fast, really fast!!! We almost missed you.

    Anytime your Dad runs out of old pics and vids to tag he can do that for us too.

    Woos, the OP Pack


  6. Wowie Dennis, I love how you run, reminds me of my good old days. You are super great.
    This was a marvelous video and I am so glad that your daddy found it. For, if he never found it we never would have seen it.

    You should try out for the doggie olympics

    massive amounts of purrrs


  7. I’m sure this video has a message, but I am not sure what it is.

    Perhaps do more dusting, or turn on an extra light when you take movies, or what . Help me with this, please.



  8. Great zoomie show. Do you have a standard route, or do you make it up on every run? And are you always running alone? Zoomies here are quite treacherous for our humans because it is like, well, a thundering herd racing past – over – through.


  9. Alooooo there dennis,

    What dust bunnies? We didn’t notice … what did your dada feeds yer? All that energies!

    Licks and wags

    The Dog Wodos Pack


  10. Wate wate wate wate wate… You meen you haves to RUN in flyball?? Oh dang and here I thinked it wuz jest bout going and catching a ball and then doing wutever you want with it!

    Yer pal Dozer


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