The Battle of the Living Room

Seconds later …

The winner (by default):  Dennis!

37 Comments on “The Battle of the Living Room

  1. Dennis, you are my good pal, but please do not ever visit me, OK? Oh, unless of course you wait until I am sun baking and then run around the house like some insane tasmanian devil so fast that all the fur tumbleweeds fly into a big pile.



  2. Heehee. Was it a rainy day and you guys were forced to amuse yourselves inside? Or are your parents just Very Tolerant of crazy dogs? (Just curious? But I can already picture the indoor zooms that me and my Mini Me will be able to have!)

    *kissey face*


  3. I like how Trixie was like “Go ahead, punk, make my day.” And then she apparently forgot what the big deal was and walked off.


  4. BOL….Dennis, you do know that was a ploy by your hoomans to tire you out…

    Gotta be careful of those sneaky hoomans!!



  5. Dennis
    It sowt of looked like the showdown at the OK cowwal fow a while, and then like you bof had some zoomie powdew i youw lunch, hehehe
    all in all
    a good spiwited battle is a gweat way to use up some of that exwa enewgy.
    Wish i could have joined in
    smoochie kisses


  6. Dennis declared the weiner!!! What? Not sure about the fighting tactics. It’s more like Dennis the tornado meets Trixie the Tyrant. I was waiting for a drop kick.. a chair hit over the head.. I want my money back.


  7. Your video makes us wish for another dog. We have been a one dog family for just over a year, for the first time in …sheesh…it’s scary to think how long. Current economics make it necessary to stay away from shelters and petfiner.

    Dennis… gotta take the good with the bad, besides horses there are cattle (with biiiiig horns) and coyote and rattlesnakes and tarantula and scorpians… you name it!!!


  8. You and your friend get lots of exercise in the house. Good for you! And I am glad to see you got the toy, Dennis.



  9. OH MY DOG Dennis, this had Mom totally cracking up because her FAVORITE things that pups do is get the zoomies like that. She;s STILL laughing…

    Wags and woofs.
    Benson and Gibson


  10. I think we know who’s boss here. They remind of my Chihuahuas when they were young and weren’t quite sure which was the alpha male. Now they’re inseparable. Dogs – daft as brushes. Don’t you just love ’em?


  11. OOhhh, you reverse-psychologied her! You’ve got skill. 2 Points for Dennis!

    And your running is so gracaeful and definately not zoomy-like…nope…not at all.


  12. a standoff- i luv a good standoff! (w/ a couple smiles & winks at the camera)

    thanks for wishing me well dennis!


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