fetch!!! and lazy dada!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may or may not no mama is bak teetching skool wich meens she is slakking off on her reel job wich is of korse to stay home and cuddel me it is verry sad!!!  in an effert to cheer me up dada has ben playing a fyoo rownds of fetch with me and my frog:

did yoo see the cameo frum the misteeryus fetch observer??? it comes and goze like a ninja!!!  and did yoo see the part ware dada poynts at the toy becuz i dropd it like too intches two far away??? as if dadas arms dont stretch that far??? so lazy dada!!! also i apolojize for the be … bedragg … for the yard luking like it has got the mayndj it is on akkownt of the watring restrikshuns on akkownt of the drowt on akkownt of the pollooshun on akkownt of the cars on akkownt of henry ford so reely wen yoo think abowt it it is all henry fords fawlt that i dont hav a nice green yard ennymore!!! or maybe its just becuz we liv in a semi airid warm step clime-it wotever that meens!!!! ok bye

32 thoughts on “fetch!!! and lazy dada!!!

  1. We totally think your back yard ROCKS! And I think everybody’s lawn is not as green as last year. Dang old Henry Ford. We saw a fishy tank on your patio – mom is getting a 20 gallon for her birthday!

    You are an expert catcher, Dennis!


  2. Can you give pee-wee some lessons? He is confused about that whole retrieve thing. I am concerned that you might have a stalker on your hands. Maybe you should send Tucker out to inspect the fence and find out what his / her intentions are.

    Your dada is almost as lazy as my master (who only plays fetch from the reliner and insists that toys be placed directly in his lap).



  3. Oh Dennis, that looks like so much fun!! I love fetch and you are awesome at it, seriously it’s no wonder you are an expert flyball player and the star of your team! ;o)

    Not sure why you’re dada was being so lazy, but maybe it’s just in the rules of the game?



  4. What fun, Dennis! Napoleon like to play fetch but looses interest after about 5 minutes. Rukia has yet to grasp the concept. Poor baby. In her eyes, the game is about getting the toy away from Napoleon and then running in opposite direction from me with it then playing bitey face with Napoleon when he inevtiably catches up with her. Not sure what game that is.


    1. Nothing, really. We’re actually looking to get rid of it, along with another one that isn’t visible in the video. And a stand. And some extra aquarium equipment. And possibly some another tank and some fish …


  5. Hi Dennis, we agree your Dada is pretty lazy – we saw him pointing for you to drop the frog nearer to him!
    We loved your concentration and you are such a fast runner but why does your Dada keep throwing the frog away when you have just brought it back?
    This is a puzzle for us bassets. We thought your grass was not green cos you all pee on it! That is what happens to our grass and our Dad keeps raking it up and reseeding it – it has given him a new purpose in life – trying to have green grass!!!!!


  6. My Mom thinks that throwing the ball is fun, so she throws and I go get and bring to her. Then, she DOES it again! and I bring again. THEN SHE THROWS AGAIN, and I just come to her at the porch and say, Aw, lets just leave it there if thats where you want it!



  7. Hi Dennis – we have a bit of frog envy now, that looked like so much fun! Hey, you are one superb catcher – we can’t catch ANYTHING, our human throws stuff at us and we just let it hit us on the head and then give them a really reproachful look! We love how you flipped your frog over to you dada when he pointed out it was too far away – you are really good aren’t you? Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  8. Great catch Dennis! I see from your videos that Vizslas like to run. I see lots of humans running in my neighborhood. They call it jogging. I don’t see how it can be all that interesting, but maybe that’s just what my lazy self needs.

    BTW my grass looks the same way. Bye.


  9. kept seeing your name pop up in our mutual friends’ blogs….just had to satisfy this chi’s curiosity….

    hi there and i’m so glad i did…

    have a fab weekend and do drop by when you can spare some time from your humourous schedule,


  10. Wow, Dennis – that mid-air catch is so impressive! I can never do that, no matter how hard I try! I always overshoot the toy and have to skid & slide to a stop and then turn back to hunt for it…duh!

    You look so cute – like you’re grinning from ear to ear – in the video! I know what you mean about lazy humans though – mine are like that. In fact, they are so lazy, they even use this plastic arm thing to scoop up my tennis ball to throw it – they say it’s because I slobber the ball and make it disgusting to hold but I don’t believe them!! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane


  11. Hehehe, our Chief is as lazy. Sometimes she tells Joe when the ball is but one foot away that she can’ts reach it … so Joe obliges and picks it up and drops it right at her foot. Hehehe. Do you realise dennis that you’re running a little sideways? Hehehe.

    licks and wags

    The Dog Woosd Pack


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