in sertch of … the misteeryus fetch observer

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yesterday i unvayld more futage of the misteeryus fetch observer for those of yoo hoo may hav missd it heer is a fuzzy viddyo stil i hav helpfully markd up the stil to poynt owt myself and the misteeryus fetch observer check it owt:


now of korse fuzzy viddyo stils ar inkontrovertibul pruf that sumwun or sumthing is watching me play fetch!!! but wot is it??? to discover the anser i hav ternd to mr leonard spock the faymus investigaytor of misteeryus things wot yoo may hav seen on the old televizhun dokyoomentry seereez in serch of misteeryus things hello mr leonard spock!!!


oh boy this is so eksiting!!! lets git started!!!  ware are we going first mr. spock???


owr first target wuz a bust but thats ok mr spock has lots of other ideeas for wot the misteerys fetch observer cud be leed on mr spock!!!


yikes that wuz a pretty scarry lady!!!  fortchoonatly i happen to no that if sumwun asks if yoo ar a god yoo say yes!!!  ok mr spock lets moov on to owr nekst subjekt:


poor mr spock seems to be a bit aksident prone!!!  and i am starting to think that mr spock in fakt has no ideea wot the misteeryus fetch observer mite be!!!  ok on to owr nekst potenshul misteeryus fetch observer subject:


as i suspekted mr spock has not got a kloo wot the misteeryus fetch observer reely is so for now lets just giv up and go home!!!


wel it luks like owr sertch for wot the misteeryus fetch observer reely is has ended not only in abjekt faylyoor but also in seeryus injery to mr spocks person but going in sertch of things is a risky bizness!!!  ok bye

30 thoughts on “in sertch of … the misteeryus fetch observer

  1. My momma might be able to help you. She is pretty good at finding things in my poops. I am not sure if that is the same or not.

    Otherwise, you will need to enlist the aid of a more able bodied assistant. I think Mr. Spock is all used up.



  2. Mr Spock needs one of those construction helmets fortified with army helmets and a bicycle helmet on top of all that! Though I don’t think they will fit after his accidents!


  3. Dennis
    I don’t want to dissoloosioun yoo in youw admiwation fow MrSpock’s obsewvation and detection powews, but, ummm…he’s weally stoopid!
    You could do bettew by youwself
    smoochie kisses


  4. To quote Wiley Coyote, “One lump or two?”

    Aren’t there two observers? A dark one and a light one?

    I like the Big Foot theory. You could make millions off that one!


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