The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be

After an incorrect setting in the control panel of the Doghouse of Justice caused me to arrive in the 23rd century, I decided to investigate how culture had changed over the course of a few hundred years.  Little did I suspect that while this society seemed a glossy paradise, it was at rotten at its center as … um … something glossy but rotten.

My first clue that all was not well in this world of chrome and plastic came in the form of an offhand remark by one of my new friends:


In the spirit of scientific inquiry, I accompany them back to their apartment to learn what this new game might be, only to find that it is some sort of bizarre mishmash of various board games from the 20th century, all combined into one. As I watch them play, I gradually become aware of a faint beeping noise emanating from my friend’s name tag, and finally feel compelled to inquire about it.


Evidently my friends were so engrossed in their game that they did not hear the sound, but once I make them aware of it, their relaxed demeanor quickly turns to sweaty panic.


However, it turns out that my new friend has a plan; not only that, but evidently I am his inspiration for attempting to escape his mark-down fate!


Well, perhaps I will not get the credit for inspiring his escape; but I will go with him, and help him if I can. Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up. Even if I’m not wearing my fedora.

22 thoughts on “The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be

  1. oboyboyoboy hay hay denis. i iz gittin tu vizitz mi frenz ok anok so i haf missededed u lotz an mom sez she shur has lotz ov reedin to ketchup (isnt that stuf red? i duz no it iz gud on thoz friz whut i fink she duz git frum sumwar calleded french i fink so) ok anok mom sez we git to tawk on that blog we haf tu.finaleeee i sez!
    ok anok i godda go
    hi 5s


  2. hay hay. itz mee agin denis. ok anok so gess wat gess wat???? mom dided go too that plas wat shee sededed wuz calleded bone zone? but reeely thar wuz no bonez fur me i cud find. ok anok. wat she dideded ofer thar wuz nom, uh numm, uh she sededed on that plas u shood be awsum, uh, besterest blog for this mumf we r in. acuz she dideded sed u wuz soo funnierer an fings lik that. ok anok. she seded tu tell u. so i dideded. godda go. fink i neeedz a nap or coooookee or sumpfin
    Hi 5s


  3. No fetch anymore? None at all? That must mean there are no balls left. Or Frisbees . . .I don’t think I wanna live in this world!

    Get us outta here, Dennis!



  4. No fetch eh? We can live with that…..just keep sniffin, just keep sniffin, sniffin, sniffin….
    And no Dennis, the future certainly isn’t what it used to be….(even when you wear a fedora)….remember Space 1999?
    Slobbers xx


  5. Hai Dennis. What, wait dere is No fetch? No ball? No fun? No me no want! I WANT to play play play!!!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  6. Well, we aren’t fetchers here but we know a lot of our furiends would be very disappointed if there were no fetch. Fetchers of the 21st century need to unite to save their fun for their posterity.


  7. No fetch?!? Dude. Get in the Way Back Machine of yours Immediately. Let the marked down guy with the funny hair cut find his own way out of this mess. Even if you are a hero in this world, I’m TELLING you, any world that doesn’t have fetch is evil. Run!!! (But away from these two people with the silly hair and the even sillier board games.)

    *kissey face*


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