its the sunday awards and meem (and artwork) sooper show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow do we hav a buntch of awards and art and meems and stuf for today check it owt!!!

ok first we hav the showing sum luv award from my frend princess:


in this pikcher princess is giving sum luv to wun of her stuffies so ummmmm yeah for sum reezon the stuffies arownd heer dont want to pose with me but heer is a pikcher of me luving mama not long after i wuz reskyewd frum the desert canyon ware i wuz wandring:

wow i stil had hardly enny furs in that pikcher!!! and yes that is tuckers fut stikking owt frum under the blanket becuz he just has to be warever mama is just like me it is a vizsla thing yoo no!!! ok now princess has made sum roolz to go with this award they ar:

  • put the award on yore blog and link to hoo gave it to yoo (dun!!!)
  • giv a nod to purple hatter hoo mayd the award hi purple hatter!!!  (dun!!!)
  • shayr a pikcher or story of how yoo showed sum luv laytly  (dun!!!)
  • giv the award to at least 5 or more of yore blogging buddeez hoo yoo beleev hav showd sum luv and ask them to share there pikcher or story too!!!  (not dun!!!)

ok so heer ar five of my luvabul doggy or kitty blog frends wot ar always showing sum luv:

nekst is another award deezined by the purple hatter its my owt of this wurld award!!!


now the subtitle of this award is yoo cant teetch an old dog noo triks so i am pretty shoor that i am suppozed to giv this award to my brother tucker the old man ha ha but no seeryusly as per the purple hatter the only rool is:

  • find too diffrent kikd up blogs multiply it by fore frends send it on to all yore frends to do the same!!!!

so all my frends can tayk this award!!!  and as for too diffrent kikd up blogs i wil chooze too blogs wot post in a similer stile but with diffrent topiks!!!

  • 47 white buffalo hoo puts up poems and storeez of the american west
  • shadow hoo puts up poems and storeez of the hyooman sikee wot is mutch more komplikayted then the dog sikee!!!

ok nekst is this ellegant award frum my frend hoo is seekret and anonamus its the freekin fabyoolus award!!!


as yoo can see this award eeven comes with its own dropshadow verry snazzy!!!  and it also comes with sum gidelines wich ar:

  • list five current obseshuns
  • pass the award on to five more fabyoolus blogs
  • on your post of reeseeving this award mayk shoor yoo inklood the person wot gave you the award and link it bak to them
  • wen yoo post yore five winners, make sure you link them as well
  • dont forgit to let your winners no they won an award from yoo by leeving a comment on there blog hmm yes i always forgit that wun!!!

ok five fabyoolus blogs hmmm heer goze:

whew we ar past the hafway poynt now!!! ok lets tayk a pawz for bathrum brakes and wotnot!!!

ok mooving on is this hats off award wot purple hatter handed owt to all his frends on his blogroll!!!


now of korse i am yoozhually not to be fownd withowt my hat eksept i had to leev it behind on the horribul planet of the stuffies wich kawzd me not to be rekognized by sum peepul hoo follow my filosofee in the 23rd sentchery but oh wel theez things happen ennyway as per puple hatters roolz ennywun on my blogroll can tayk this award as long as they:

  • link bak and giv a nod to the purple hatter
  • giv it owt to there entire blogroll
  • hav fun

i am a vizsla dog so i am always having fun!!!  and hay all yoo taggers owt there tayk a lesson frum the purple hatter and do yore tagging this way then the sitty wont ever hav to come and paynt over it!!!  ok finaly heer is the last award for today this is frum dadas frend kristen hoo is a writer too!!!  teknikly she sed i hav to shayr this award with dadas blog so ok i wil throw dada a bone so to speek and put up a link to him just this wunse!!!


ok maybe teknikly teknikly she akchooally gave this award to dada and sed he cud shayr it with me but theez ar just silly deetayls the importent thing is that i got this award!!!  sum of yoo may remember that i opend a lemonayd stand arownd krismas time last yeer it didnt do so wel but i am confident that i wil hav more suksess selling cool refreshing drinks in the summer time then in the winter time!!!  i wood like to franchise this lemonayd stand owt to sum others hoo shud feel free to operayt it as there own biznesses wile i as the franchiser tayk a modest fifty persent cut of profits ha ha no i am just kidding i wil only tayk forty persent ok heer ar my franchizees:

ok their yoo hav it the biggest most ekstravagant sunday awards and meem and art show ever and now for the big finish wot yoo hav all been wayting for!!!!

27 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem (and artwork) sooper show!!!

  1. Your furs have grow back and what a lovely coat you have!
    But actually none of those intermissions were long enough for me to go do my business so I guess I better go now!


  2. Hi Dennis
    Its raining here in The Netherlands
    and its also raining by you,
    only by us its water and by you awards …. 😉
    Congratulations on your soooooo many award,
    you deserve it alllll…..
    Thank you that you give me this award :)))))
    My Mommy is always to lazy to publish MY awards 😦
    Kareltje =^.^=


  3. Congrats, Dennis, on so many great awards – you do such a good job of sharing them too. We haven’t forgotten that you gave us one, we still need to post it.

    Happy long weekend, the OP Pack


  4. OMDogness! I have missed YOU! I don’t know what happened to my follow address for you,but I thought of you bigtime today when we (post it tonight) hung out at this cool park and saw a pup who looked just like you! So of course I had to come and check in and your blog was nowhere to be found on my sidebar. Anyhoo, you are BACK and I love this post! CONGRATS on all your amazing and SUPER awards! Love the intermissions and the Monty Python (always one of my faves hehee!). I guess the only bummer was seeing you as a new furever home pup with balding furrs, you poor dear. But you look pawsome today! So glad to be in touch again!
    Hugs xo


  5. Be careful your blog doesn’t tip over from the combined weight of all the awards that you have recieved in the last month. However, they are most well deserved, Dennis.



  6. Be careful your blog doesn’t tip over from the combined weight of all the awards that you have recieved in the last month. However, they are most well deserved!



  7. Dennis, Congratulations on all of your well deserved awards. You got the mother lode dude. You are awesome. The purple hatter is very cool also. His blog is amazing, Mommy cries sometimes when she sees that blog cause she wishes she could be that cool. Thank you for the intermissions so Mommy and I could take a potty break. Maybe next time could you have some popcorn?
    Just a thought.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


  8. wow, so many wonderful awards for a wonderful dennis!!! and look at you, all curled up in your mama’s arms… that IS the best place to be, isn’t it! thank you, too, for thinking of me. trust me, some days i think having your sikee would be sooo much easier. but that’s when i just go and cuddle up with my pups. they make it all better!!!!!


  9. Dennis! You are like semi-nekked. Glad your furs came back so you can have some modesty.

    My momma is on vacation and is looking a lot like your mom for a couple of hours every day. I think she is tired, huh?



  10. Ok – two problems.

    We needed much longer intermissions so we are keeping this short.

    But more importantly, about that lemonade things. We ate all of the product because of a Siberian incident and so we figure your 40% share comes to $2,342.98. You want to pay us by Paypal or just mail a check?


  11. hey dennis i am show some luv right back 2 ya for the special award. i see you’re confused about my monstah status. well, a monstah is big, correction huge- me. fuzzy- me. toothy & sharp claws- me. me. and GRRrrrs alot- me. with a sweet heart just as big. as long as you don’t try to eat my cookies:)

    thanx- your the best vizsla i know:)


  12. hay hay denis! ok anok boy oboy u did git lotz of thoz awardz (whut IZ a ward i doez wunder sumtimz) hu? oh sunny sez it duz meen peepol duz likez u. ok an ok. so thanx fur likin us cuz we duz likez u tu. an u no how tu tawk gooderest lik mee! ok anok sunny also dideded tel mee whut intermishunz wuz tu. hmmmmm. not long enuff fur goin owt to goz pottee tho. jus sayin.
    hi 5s
    scooter butt hahahahahaha
    pee ess purpel hatz? doez u haf a purpel hat??


  13. Holy moly Dennis I cant beleeve how menny awards you getted this time! You is rolling in awards!! Jest be careful cause sumtimes the awards have sharp edjes and they mite hert you wen you roll on them.

    Yer pal Dozer


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