harbor krooz!!! only not on a bote!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yesterday mama and dada tuk us on a wawk arownd the harbor heer in oshunside ill bet yoo didnt no we had a harbor did yoo??? ok so its not like sandy eggo harbor or san fransisco harbor but at leest its close by chek it owt!!!

as yoo can see it wuz a verry verry brite and toasty warm day heer in oshunside:

at wun poynt a misteeryus kreetcher appeerd in the harbor!!! yoo cannot see it al that wel in this pikcher but if yoo luk kayrfully just to the rite of the sailbote or as dada calls it the vomit comet yoo wil see sumthing swimming in the oshun wot is neither dog nor kitty nor persun!!! cud it be the misteeryus fetch observer following me??? i wood ask mr spock but unfortchoonatly he is stil beeing held in the hospital for observayshun!!!

the misteeryus fetch observer is stawking me!!!

shayd wuz in short supply as per yoozhual but trixie and i manajd to find sum behind the bench ware mama and dada stopd to sit down for a littel wile

i think my fut and my tale mite be on fire
hay dada can yoo tern yore jigantic floppy hat a bit my tale is not in the shade!!!

we stopd in a shady grassy areea for a wile to peepul watch heer is a pikcher of me peepul watching dada:

hi dada!!!

and heer is trixie peepul watching the botes in the water:

at wun poynt tucker spotted a persun of partikular intrest and calld trixie and me together to diskus the sitchooayshun:


but trixie and i refyoozd to kooperayt on the grownds that it wuz rong to steel ice creem frum hyoomans and also becuz tucker didnt want to shayr


suddenly i wuz struk by the need to jump on dada and nok him over and giv him kisses!!!!!!!

heh heh sorry abowt that dada i dont no wot came over me it wil never happin agin

this is my sheepish fayse baa baa baa

until now!!!!!!!

ha ha that wuz fun hay dada broose campbell calld he wants his chin bak!!! wel ennyway that wuz owr afternoon at the harber we all had a verry gud time mostly eksept maybe for tucker


i hope yoo had a gud weekend too!!! ok bye

36 thoughts on “harbor krooz!!! only not on a bote!!!

  1. Hi Dennis! Even though your Dad cheated (maybe he saw the remake of the In-Laws?) Tell him to watch the original with Alan Arkin and Peter Falk – and it’s the scene right after Peter Falk “rescues” Alan Arkin from his dentistry practice and they have recovered the plates for printing money and are being chased through New York in Alan Arkin’s new BMW. To “hide” they go through a quick car painting place and Alan Arkin’s new BMW end ups having flames painted on it to “hide” it. At what point the poor dentist gets a little, erm, excited about having flames pained on his new car. Hence the quote… Anyway, even though your Dad cheated, we’ll still donate. So email me (gretaski at hotmail dot com) the contact for your favorite charity and we’ll send them money, either electronically, or by check when we get home. Because even if he cheated, it still counts! 😉

    Dr. Liz for Fiona


  2. We have a harbor like that too! Does yours come with an assortment of feasting fowl as well? Mine doesn’t have those fancy ‘sploding pencil trees like yours. Do those trees come with a special kind of squirrel?? OMG I bet they’ve got like 6 lets or something. How DELICIOUS!!!

    PS- Mom thinks your ears look so lovely and delicate. I just she’s used to my thick honkin’ flappies!


  3. All that lovely water and you didn’t go for a swim? I always manage to age my humans by several years by escaping the leash and imitating a fish.


  4. Can’t believe you didn’t swim, but I wouldn’t have gone with a seal either hehee! (couldn’t see it, but thought that might be what it was!) Too bad you guys didn’t ransack the kid’s ice cream – would have tasted good in the heat, but you are good doggies! I could take a lesson or two hahahaha!
    Hugs xo


  5. hey Dennis, nice harbour and beautiful sights……i saw that ice cream cone too and i agree, the ice cream was not big deal as it was already melting on that cone bol…..

    TQ for visiting and yep that PurpleMan is one cool designer……i liked your beautiful designs too and the PurpleMan sure knows how to pamper us huh…..

    see you around Dennis and do pop by when you can….you do like us small ones or are you one of those that only likes the bigger ones?????….don’t worry, i’m so used to this that i just had to ask bol……..


  6. You must have gotten heat stoked to jump on dada like that. Maybe you thought he was an ice cream cone with that dorky hat.



  7. That looks like a really fun outing! I think momma would take us on some fun outings if Roscoe would learn to behave in public! He barks at everything!


  8. You always need to people watch yer people – 1st rule. Always knock yer people over when they are sitting close to you and givem kisses – 2nd rule.

    Tucker really looks sad that he didn’t get that ice cream. Poor Tucker.


  9. Why not further your harber cruz by walking mama and dada over to the ice cream vender and ask for five conze. Just sitting around hi-jacking little kidz conze seems very bad to me when you could easily get your own. Right, Dennis?



  10. Hi Dennis, that looked a lovely walk by the harbour. We think you should have had a hat as it looked pretty hot!
    We especially liked the pics where you are giving kisses – you are such a cutie!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx


  11. hahahaha=vomit comet-made mom laugh hysterically(she feels the same way) Uh, we love you and your mom and dada, but uh well what’s with that hat he is wearing?????????? I know my mom is a dork but didn’t realize your dada was too……..
    pee ess tell him not to feel too bad-just get a new hat! 😉 Maybe mom should send him a cowboy hat….


  12. We like harbors and all, even though we don’t have many (any) here in the mountains unless you count the place that the bass fishermen launch their boats. No, we don’t either. But we are checking up on the proper fashion attire for humans. Is it normal to wear a Moose shirt to a harbor? Would that be the rogue Harbor Moose? Just checking.


  13. Hai Dennis, WHEW is sure is hot dere. I is finkin dat if yoo wore da hat den yoo cud take it off and ask fer treats, yoo know pass da hat? Perhaps sum bean cud has sum of dat frozen dog treat stuff to give?


    ::aprings in my feet::
    ::aprings in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  14. Dennis…..a harbor!!! I’ve been to your harbor with my mommy! But we were in the car!! I have a harbor too!!! We’ve gone down there a couple of times-but I look at birds!!

    Mom and I hope you all had a great weekend with your hoomans!! Mom stars back at her silly hooman job tomorrow…she keeps talking about wanting to win something called a lottery….




  15. Hi! I wandered over from Reese’s blog. 🙂

    Looks like you had a great day! People watching is one of my favorite things to do, too! You better tell Trixie that I don’t know if you can “people watch” boats though…

    Cute blog!


  16. A day very well spent Dennnis. With your love of all things ice cream, perhaps a visit to Ben & Jerry’s HQ here in VT is in order. I can only imagine how that factory tour might turn out!


  17. Hi Dennis,
    We saw that you were nominated for awesome blog award and we had to come check you out! Our cousin, Jenna is a Vizsla and her face is starting to get white like Tucker’s! Your harbor is bringing back great memories from our Nantucket trip!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


  18. Oooh I love jumping on mom and knocking her down while giving kisses! In fact she left me for the long weekend and when she came back I cried because I was so happy to see her and I jumped on her and she almost fell. 🙂



  19. What a nice weekend you had, the pictures are lovely. I hope you got some ice cream, I actually had no problem with the plan you had.

    licks and sniffs,Sasha


  20. Wow Dennis you had such a beautiful sunny weekend. All it did here was rain & rain & rain. Then it rained some more. I kinda was impressed with Tuckers plan myself. I may have to try it next time I see a kid with icecream, or chocolate. Your sheepish face is so cute & sweet too


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