feeesta iland flashbak!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada is stil tagging his umpteen pikchers umpeen beeing a reely big number like twenty or sumthing ennyway heer ar a kuple of old pikchers i fownd of tucker and trixie at feeesta iland in the preehistorik yeer 2003 ok this wun is for all my siberian frends chek it owt!!!

tucker wuz surprized to find their wuz another dog as furry as trixie!!!
so lone star we meet agin!!! and i see yore tale is as floofy as mine!!!

hay hmmm 2003 that wuz like eleventy hunnerd yeerz ago wich meens lets see subtrakt eleventy hunnerd kerry the wun ummmm hmmmm gosh math is hard ok so in this pikcher tucker wuz only like fore yeerz old and trixie wuz three hay that is abowt how old they think i am rite now!!! so its troo that tucker wuznt always a cranky old man he yoosd to be a cranky yung man!!!!  ha ha ok bye

30 thoughts on “feeesta iland flashbak!!!

  1. If you can’t find a calculator, try an abacus. That might work better for you, paw-wise, anyway, Dennis.

    Very nice pics, and Trixie always looks lovely.



  2. Oh My dog Dennis
    That is such ancient histowy..I only evew wead about those yeaws in histowy books..Tuckew was aweady thewe???
    It’s gweat to see some old old pictoowes fwom the distant past..I just love histowy
    smoochie kisses


  3. Dear Dennis,
    Wow! Does that mean Tucker and Trixie have met real live dynosaws? I heard that dynosaws lived eleventy hunnerd years ago!
    I think your maths is good by the way.

    Mr Darcy


  4. I didn’t recognise Tucker without his grey face. Where it said “tucker wuz surprized to find their wuz another dog as furry as trixie!!!” I couldn’t see Tucker in the picture I thought it was you Dennis till I read further on.


  5. Hey, I never knew Tucker was supposed to be cranky! Whenever he came onto the blog, he always seemed really sweet (and bullied by you, Dennis! 😉 ) Those are lovely pictures..there’s nothing like seeing dogs enjoying themselves in the sun!

    Honey the Great Dane


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