35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Zzzzzzzz

  1. Hey, Dennis,

    Thanks for coming by. You are very observant. Yes, that red soil is clay. Good old Georgia, USA red clay. Hard to dig in so it’s a good thing the water dept had digging equipment or we’d have been without water a lot longer than one day.


  2. Hello Dennis!
    What a peaceful nap!!!
    Many thanks for your kind words in my blog.I think you are absolutely right and we need to take care about those armadillos or any other “stone” or something like it that can be just stands in our way!Also I’m think until now about your very interesting theory!I think you have such a fabulous imagination but you have a talent “been”so that it’s easy to explain everything!
    Cool blog!
    Have a great nap!
    BTW I like your cap!


  3. What the heck? Where is Dennis the Vizsla? Or is this now Tired Trixie’s blog. My guess is that Dennis never actually sleeps at all. That would explain why he has time for so many adventures.



  4. Trixie, I think you’d get a massage from all the cats in the CB if you’d let us…then, you’d start ta droolin’ and snorflin’ in your sleep! You wouldn’t be able to wake up for a WEEK!


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