the sunday awards and meem and art show — under noo manadjmint!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow we hav another big crop of awards this week!!! and becuz i missd an award last week wot wuz kindly givin to me by my gud frend ludwig van puppy dog i hav deesided that i need to bring in profeshunal help to assist me with the awards and meem show i hav herd that he runs the titest set in the awards and meem show bizness!!!


ha ha ok shoor littel fellow i wil be happy to git started ok first we hav the aforemenshund award frum ludo van dog wot as i menshund i got last week but missd in the kaos of the mega awards and meem show it is the perl of emoshun award!!!


this award comes with the following gidelines:

  • yoo must post the link of hoo sent the award to yoo
  • then pass the award on to siks blogs with perl and emoshun

no as yoo ar no dowt awar perl is a majikal programing langwidj wot is yoozd for manipyoolayting strings and wotnot and —


oh ummm of korse yes thank yoo prodooser smurf for korrekting me so ennyway i wood like to pass this award on to the following blogs for there perls of emoshun:


ummm yes ok lets forgit abowt alfafa flite and moov on to owr nekst award wich is the mamas baby award from the alwayz prolifik purple hatter!!!


of korse we ar all owr mamas babeez or dadas babeez as the kayse may be rite trixie??? ha ha thats rite so i wil invite ennywun hoo is there mama or dadas babee to tayk this pikcher!!! ok nekst we hav —


ok shoor littel fellow i wil hire yoo an assistent i am shoor their ar menny kwalified peepul luking for sutch pozishuns on kragslist or wotever ok mooving on we hav the class act award from my gud frend pink daisy wich was given to her by yoo gessd it the purple hatter!!!


now pink daisys only reekwirement for this award is that it be passd on to siks class akt frends so heer they ar:


yes prodooser smerf my frends no me!!! and i am not riting yoo a letter of rekomendayshun to go wurk for pink daisy!!! and yore assistent wil be heer in a fyoo minnits!!! ok i hav wun award left to do heer it is the futprints in the sand award or pawprints as the kayse may be awarded by the purple hatter for the best storeez of the week!!!


now i wuz wun of sevral reesipyents of this award in my kayse it wuz for my top notch reporting abowt how tucker wuz ternd into a rooster by a chikkin frum owter spayse this is stil a develuping storry so stay toond to see wot happens nekst!!!  wel thats it another suksesful awards and meem and art show thanks so mutch for stopping by!!!  now it is time for a seegar and sum relaksayshun wile my prodooser meets his noo assistent!!! ok bye


28 thoughts on “the sunday awards and meem and art show — under noo manadjmint!!!

  1. Congratulations on you Awards Dennis and also good work passing them on! We too need special support to assist us – it is all too easy to fall behind or forget in this important business!
    Now as to the beach – it was completely deserted so we didn’t find anything – well some smelly sea weed to roll in which was nice. We were also looking out for Joey who we believe is missing after taking off at a fart party! We thought Africa might be across the sea and he could have landed on the beach but no sign of him!!!
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  2. Hi Dennis – oh, this post is hilarious! Male human come running in cos female human was snorting with laughter over the smurf – apparently she’s always thought they were smurfing weird!! And THEN we noticed we’d got an award from you so male human had to come running in AGAIN to ask what all the excitement was! Thank you, thank you – we’re quite overcome and can’t wait to post it on our blog!! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  3. Dennis! You speechify so good!!! Yes, we all need helpers hehee! Love the cartoons and fun you are having on your post here, which is nothing short of brilliant as well as a riot! Most of all, however, I want to bark out a zillion congrats on all those well deserved and bootiful awards! They are perfect for you!
    Hugs xo


  4. I think you need to hire somebody else. That smurf dude is annoying. Can’t you just eat him?

    Good job on the awards as always.



  5. This is a peeess. I just wanted to tell your webmaster that I just love it you brought back the seashore scene as your banner. I hope you have enough sense to keep it now.



  6. Dennis, Congratulations on your awards and thank you for passing the love to me. I am honored. Dennis, may I say, you are a very handsome fellow, I would just love to snuggle up with you.

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


  7. You have got to be the awardedingest dog I have EVER MET, Dennis. I am getting a little worried that your blog is going to collapse under the weight of them. Maybe you should build a museum to hold them all. Or a hall of fame, yah, that’s what you need. DENNIS THE VISZLA’S HALL OF FAME. People in my neck of the woods build those things so they look like sinking Titanic ships or upside down houses. That is to attract TOOwrists, I think.


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