25 thoughts on “Fowl Play

  1. I am now in big trouble because I totally couldn’t tell Tucker rooster from Dennis rooster and now there is Trixie rooster and isn’t Trixie like a girl, so how can she be a rooster and will she have rooster nards even if she becomes a dog again and if you guys are totally fowls is it OK to eat you but what if you turn back into doggies whilst I am digesting and Pee-Wee wants to know if maybe he can have all of Dennis’s tennis balls since he won’t be doing flyball, but maybe he will because now he can actually fly and gosh thanks for all the coffee on the flight home because I feel really ALIVE for the first time and ready to go and I kind of can’t stop typing even though I really want to. No, really, can’t stop.



  2. Hmm. Between your post and Mango’s comment, I’m speechless. But a little concerned. With Trixie turned into a rooster, what ARE you going to do?!? Do I sense Trouble? (Or is it just trouble?) Either way, I’m VERY nervous.

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona (who doesn’t want to be turned into a rooster)


  3. NO NO NO! Not the beautiful Trixie as a chicken! My heart is broken! Trixie, your chances of getting back to being a dog, depending on Dennis and Tucker, are zip and you know it. So YOU will have to once again figure out what to do. No, Trixie, this stuff doesn’t go on at other dog’s homes, so as soon as you
    de-chicken yourself, write and I will send you my address. You will love it here as long as you still like to sit in the snow.



  4. Great, just great! What are you guys going to do now ummm…

    There has to be a way to turn you all back no?!? Is there a reversal zap gun? Oh well, while we’re waiting for you to get back to being cute doggies, Calvert want’s to know if he can have your food. 😉

    Nellie & Calvert


  5. Goodness golly gosh, I never thought Trixie would get caught by the space rooster. Well I guess now there’s nothing more to do but get the axe, put the oven on & make the gravy…
    Love Daisy’s Coupe joke


  6. Oh, we’ve been so bad again….
    Mom always loves your comments on my bloggie, but she is miserable at following yours. She still has this lame excuse that her ‘puter can’t figure out how to follow your blog since it is somehow different that all the others since it’s not through blogger….
    Anyhoo – she is trying to catch up again. She saw the pics of when your parents first found you all many & skinny! SO glad to see that you are now back to the strong witty, dog that a Visla should be! Plus your dad is freakin’ hilarious…..

    Brutus the Frenchie


  7. Hey guys so lissen since there is no more dawgs at yer howse kin I have dibs on all yer toys and treets and stuff? I will trade you six joocy grasshoppers and two peeces of watermellen wut a deel!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  8. Oh no! Not you too Trixie! I like the way Dennis’ and Tucker’s eyes bug out when they hear the zap. It’s a good thing Dennis’ knee pads still fit, or I’d have trouble picking him out of the line up.


  9. Yeah, the girl rooster thing bugs me too. Then again, these are ALIENS we’re talking about, and dogs turning into chickens. A little collateral gender confusion is only to be expected.


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