31 thoughts on “Observed Around The House

  1. What a rude awakening. Here’s hoping Trouble will be so disturbed by the chicken-dogs she will find a solution to the Space Chicken problem.


  2. Dennis, we think that you’s PAWrent has a really and really wild mind and that inside of it there must be a lot of color and happiness.

    On the Gosselin thing, our momma is not too happy that the only reason they are living like millionaires is on the backs of their 8 kids. If they had to go out and work like the rest of the world they’d be in a tent (notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat). What fools.


  3. We wonder why Trouble hasn’t been turned into a rooster? As long as she doesn’t think you guys are dinner, I think you’re okay until a solution is found…. we really hope there is one; we’re finding it very difficult to tell you apart.



  4. Where is Dennis? Was that rooster Dennis or was it Tucker? I can’t tell!!! Trouble isn’t gonna do anything . . .she loves this whole story and her new Thermal bed and no dogs. And when she feels like it, she can wipe out those roosters. I wonder if a dog turned into a chicken really tastes like a chicken or do they retain dog flavor.

    Hmmmmm something to think about. Lets find Dennis and put some pressure on him.



  5. Hai Trouble! Dat sure is not a gud way to wake up in da morning! While yoo is awake why dun yoo come and PLAYPLAYPLAY wif me and my kitteh furiend Billy Sweetfeets? Dat wud be FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  6. Trouble, once the shock is over, may well realize it’s not a threat, but a CHICKEN. As in, BIRD WITH LOTS OF MEAT ON IT. Talk about wishes come true.

    I think it is Tucker who should be the worried one at this point.


  7. Nothing as bad as a rude awakening. I thought her eyeballs were gunna pop out. You better find a way to get the dogs back to their real selves Trouble or this will be your regular morning routine


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