nominayted agin!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot???  i hav ben nominayted for awsum blog of the month in the bone zone at dogs with blogs!!!  they ar tayking votes now so if yoo want to go and vote for me that wood be nice!!!  now yoo hav to be a member of the bone zone to vote and intrestingly enuf i am not a member of the bone zone so i cant vote for myself or for the other nominee hoo happins to be my gud frend brutus the frenchie but if yoo ar in the bone zone and yoo want to vote for me feel free or yoo can vote for my frend brutus hoo is also an awsum littel fellow i wont mind!!!  thanks ok bye

21 thoughts on “nominayted agin!!!

  1. Well Dennis, we thought we were members cuz our blog is on blogs lite, but we couldn’t figure out how to vote and we couldn’t even figure out how to join! Maybe you can help us!


  2. I’ll vote for you too Dennis! Mango nominated me, Stella, for photo of the month. Then I nominated Hero and his buddy Tagpi. I would love for those guys to get lots of votes because its a great picture, and I just love those two characters. So I don’t mind if you don’t vote for me as long as you vote for Hero.

    Thats all,



  3. Oh! Was I supposed to vote for you too? I totally voted for Brutus, but I think I still have about 927 votes left to cast if I can get the mouse button to start working again.



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