Reservoir Dog

After interminable hours of driving through the featureless desert, we have arrived in what’s left of California, where, right on the border, we find exactly what Logan said we would:  The last Target of the 23rd century.  But if Target is some sort of fabled promised land here in the realm of Wally World, why is it completely deserted?  I have a bad feeling about this, and am beginning to wish I had simply gone back to the Doghouse of Justice instead of agreeing to help Logan escape from the Mark-Downers.  But, as they say, in for a bit, in for a kibble.

Finding the Target parking lot empty, Logan does what any good shopper would do, and parks as close to the entrance as possible. The door to Target yawns open. An invitation? Or a hungry mouth waiting to devour us? We are about to learn which.


The three of us enter the chill, hush confines of the Target, where Logan and and his friend Jessica undergo a brief but startling transformation:


Fortunately this bizarre situation only lasts for eleven episodes, because it will take all our concentration to deal with the monstrous entity that confronts us:


Fleeing the giant mechanical monster, we retreat to the parking lot, only to be confronted by a contingent of Mark-Downers who have been tracking us since we left the domed city!


Outnumbered and outgunned, it looks like there is no chance left for Logan to escape his mark-down fate. But I didn’t count on his ruthlessness as a Mark-Downer himself.


Having thus been sold out to the Mark-Downers, I find myself being taken away for questioning, while Logan and Jessica are allowed to go free.


I have no idea what the Mark-Downers have planned for me. All I know is that, whatever it takes, I am going to escape, find my way back to the Doghouse of Justice, and return to my proper time — after I get even with Logan, of course! Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

9 thoughts on “Reservoir Dog

  1. I live in York…
    And Mom SOOOOOO prefers Target to that “W” place…

    PeeEssWoo: She’s akhtually shuddering and twitching that I pawed the “W” place…


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