the lazy sunday viddyo!!!

hello nice reederz its denns the vizsla dog hay so the sunday awards and meem show is on hiatus for this week however i hav this viddyo frum a wile bak wot dada tuk of trixie watching sum peepul wot wer wakking weeds up on the hill chek it owt oh hang on that annoying prodooser smerf just came in yes prodooser smerf wot do yoo want???


ummm ok shoor prodooser smerf we can do an award meenwile heer is that viddyo wot i promissd my nice reederz:

as yoo can see trixie wuz tayking the day off frum watchdogging wich is wot mayks it the lazy sunday viddyo!!! ok and now i wood like to present the following blog award frum a kitty naymd reese it is the blog buddies award!!!

blog buddy

this is a verry kyoot award isnt it??? i wood like to giv it to evrywun hoo comes to visit me yoo ar all my buddies!!!


ummm shoor prodooser smerf heer is sum water for yoo!!!


ha ha ha wot do yoo think of that prodooser smerf???  so i gess i hav gotten the last laff after all ha ha and their is nuthing yoo can do abowt —


Later …


24 thoughts on “the lazy sunday viddyo!!!

  1. Oh Dennis, those smurfs are truly annoying… Calvert’s got an idea pssst….

    Do you have a microwave? If you do, then gather all of those blue critters and BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP…. hehehe you get the drift.

    Oh and by the way, our mommy was watching this show on Animal Planet about your people and they said that the Vizsla is one of the most Majestic and an Aristocrat of the Dog World; wow, we didn’t know you were royalty! If that’s the case then that bath you gave producer smurf should have been an honor for him.


    Nellie & Calvert


  2. Not to worry, Dennis, nobody will blame you for THAT puny mess. I have seen some of your messes Dennis and they come under the heading catastrophic. This one comes under the heading Puny. Although, come to think of it, you might be wise to bottle up a couple of those little smurfs just to show your pawrents what you have been up against today.

    I do have to agree with Prof. Smurf your viddyo was a real sleeper!




  3. Huh? Why aren’t you still a chicken? That is the kind of question that keeps the Mango awake at night.

    I understand what Trixie is doing. She is conserving herself for if those weed wacky persons fall down the hill into your yard. Then she will strike.



    1. hello mango its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez that the reezon i am not a chikkin on satterday and sunday has sumthing to do with the warp in the time spayse continyooum wot is kawzd by the weekend persunaly i think he is tawking jibberish as yoozhual!!! ok bye


  4. Ooh, I was also wondering why you’re still not a chicken, Dennis…but to be honest, your answer confused me even more!! 😛

    Hey – I heard that you’ve been booked some swimming lessons too! You’ve gotta get some video and share them with us when you go – can’t wait to see! (am off to see your posts about your ‘flailing’ now! Hee! hee!)

    Honey the Great Dane


  5. Hey, Dennis (and other dogs), there’s a blog I was wondering if you could check out about a woman who is still on the fence about her rescue dog. Can you show her some support? You’re my canine contact, I guess you could say, and, as I’m from the Cat Blogosphere, I don’t know where to post this otherwise.

    The link is



  6. Hi there, Dennis!

    Thanks for visiting us today. We hope to we can share each others’ adventures from now on. Good thing you got some smurfs to blame there. Mommy and Grandma somehow gets to figure out who amongst us is the guilty one every time we got ourselves into trouble. Oh no…

    – Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy, Bullet, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar


  7. But Dennis, at least you have photographic evidence that YOU didn’t make the mess. I think you may have a Smurf infestation. Better call the Orkin Man!


  8. I love the way you watered him. So the truth is out, dogs don’t mess up the house after all, it’s smurfs who blame dogs. Thank you Dennis for maikng this clear


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