24 thoughts on “Observed Around The House

  1. Love Trouble’s movable kitty-cup! So brilliant! My “boys” would like that.

    Also glad to have the dogs back to their quasi-normal selves.

    Do I smell chicken cooking?


  2. Trouble says she is Just Happy to Have you Guys back to NORMAL?

    I don’t know of another phrase that would send me searching for cover faster and I think you pups should do the same.

    I think the three of you better go away from Trouble and talk this through SOON!



  3. What to do about that space chicken indeed? And has everybody survived their transformation unscathed? We await the next installment.



  4. I was a little scawed fow a moment thinking that twouble might wheel ovew in the twuck and eat the poultwy and then I’d nevew see you again, whew..you have to stop scawing e like that
    smoochie kisses


  5. Who’d ever thought that Trouble would have a non-evil plot that worked out for the good of the dogs. I am astonished. Maybe she has learn’t something.
    BTW you better watch out with that X Marks The Spot that Flat Tony doesn’t turn up looking for buried treasure & blows a hole in your lounge room floor


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